Pumpkin Patch

It's my favorite time of year...fall! I enjoy the crisp air which means I can start to layer.  I love when it's that perfect in between weather because I can mix it all up with boots and shorts. This cardigan is perfect for layering when it's not too cold or too hot out. As for pumpkins...well, pumpkins just make me happy!


London Town

I was in London for a gig last week at Wembley SSE Arena.  It was mostly work, but luckily I enjoy what I do for a living.  I happened to have two days of down time so I went site seeing on a couple of tours.  A random stranger took this pic without me knowing while I was waiting on my boat ride back after finishing up a tour at the Tower of London.  We exchanged email so that I could have this pic he took which I thought was pretty cool.  
.: Some travel essentials :.


Classic Look

Denim paired with a simple top and converse can be so effortlessly stylish. There's just something about the look that is so "all American" classic chic.  


'Kerchief Trend

I am loving the hanky trend right now. It just adds a lil something to an outfit that gives it a much more appealing look. Urban Outfitters did it to me again on my way out the door when this gray 'kerchief caught my eye! I'm especially loving ear cuffs for when my hair is pulled up.  This one is a cheap single piece that looks like three separate pieces found at Forever 21. I need to start my own accessory line!


Minimalist Chic

It's been so hot outside that it's given me plenty of time to clean out my closet not once, not twice, but three times in the past two months. If you think about it, most of the stuff we hold onto we dont use up for its entirety. We'll use it once or twice and never again. Then it sits year after year never seeing the light of day from the dark depths of our closets. Those clothes that are buried in the dark can be the light in someone else's life and could be what they are hoping to have. There are people out there that would be happy to have a warm sweater or boots for winter.  It's selfish for me to have a handful of stuff that I don't use that can serve a purpose in someone else's life. Its not right. I'm so guilty of this, but who isn't when we live in a society where we are constantly tormented on what we don't have than focusing on what we do have.  So I've embraced that having less is more. Investing in quality timeless pieces I love that I know I'll keep wearing over and over again is what I'm into nowadays. I've chosen to donate a lot of stuff so I can breathe a little. I've done away with most of my beloved boho styles that I have grown out of while keeping the more subtle colors around that can be worn again without it going so noticed. Maybe it's because I've gone back to my natural dark hair and I'm learning to embrace who I am again and letting things be.  However, if theres a festival I'm attending, I will definitely rock those boho looks, but for now I'm ok with being simple while keeping a few accessories that I can wear daily.  Lately, I love looks that are more put together, simple yet chic. Minimalist chic. Time to let go of the excess and reset. 


Colourpop Cosmetics

Springtime is around the corner and I am enjoying these matte liquid lipsticks by Colourpop cosmetics. These colors are perfect for everyday wear and go with all types of skin tones.  The greatest fact about these is that they don't dry out my lips like other liquid lipsticks and they last all day without ever having to really reapply. These are my new favorite go to lippies! They have a bunch of fun colors too and won't break your wallet.