After my visit to Washington D.C over the past few days, I couldn't help but notice the fashion lifestyle it has to offer!  Besides the fact that it was freezing cold, I saw how conservative and polished the men and women that lived there dressed.  I stayed right by the White House at the JW Marriott on Pennsylvannia Ave overlooking the Washington monument.  Reflecting on all the history I got to absorb, I decided to take a look at First Lady Fashion!  Ever since Mary Todd Lincoln stepped into the White house in the 1800s, she could always be counted on to give the administration a sense of style and fashion. A compulsive shopper, the first lady delighted in refurnishing the presidential mansion, overspending the twenty thousand dollars Congress had allotted. She was just as lavish on herself, especially in her wardrobe and jewelry. Her dresses were designed and made to her specifications, regardless of cost.  Jacqueline Kennedy set a new standard for glamour and style while in the White House.  She is one of my personal favorites because I know if I had the place to be conservative, I would definitely try some of her looks! I love Michelle Obama's chunky jeweled accents.  I'm a sucker when it comes to accessories so I adore how she dresses up her style with the perfect accent. Oh America how I love thee! <3

Free As A BiRd

In Vegas there aren't many trees or greenery so I often go through withdrawals when there isn't much to look at besides mountainous landscapes.  Don't get me wrong, seeing the sun rise or set with the beautiful landscape is gorgeous.  I guess I'm an all around tree person.  I love seeing nature and well when there isn't much, I have to make the best of it.  When I need a quick fix, I often come to my favorite park "The Gardens" located in the west off the strip towards Summerlin.  The leaves are so pretty in the fall because they change into this beautiful golden color.  This park is a great place to take walks or jog because the path is lined with trees.  It truly is a peaceful place when my soul needs to be revitalized. 
*Dress/Necklace: Freepeople
*Sweater: Aerie
*Boots: Fergie Footwear
*Ring: Vintage


If there's anyone out there that knows style and fashion it's celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe! She is a huge inspiration to me.   Her boho style infused with vintage pieces are absolutely fabulous!  Platforms, wedges, fur, big sunglasses, cocktail rings and long floor length dresses are some of her signature looks that make her unique.  She's definitely not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion and is why she is a huge influence for myself and others XoXo
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FaLL TimeS

Fall is here which means layering time! I love mixing and matching textures like I did here with the fur vest and Staring at Stars button down from Urban Outfitters.  I absolutely love this top because it screams boho all the way! I enjoy wearing ripped shorts and tights paired with boots.  A girl can never have enough boots or accessories! Why? You won't ever have to worry if you've gained weight in boots or accessories so those are the pieces I usually splurge on.  Studs mixed with boho pieces are my fav.  My style is usually boho-rocker chic
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How do you accessorize? My favorite thing to splurge on are accessories and shoes! In order for me to appreciate all the fun things I have, I have to be able to see everything. As they say, "Out of sight, out of mind." If my accessories were hidden or tangled up stored in a box somewhere, I probably wouldn't ever reach out to wear any of them.  I like to use this birdcage to hang all my necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  I like using clear glasses to store my cocktail rings so I can see them plus it reminds me of digging into a candy bowl...the end result, a nice treat on my finger! Xoxo


WaRdRoBe ManageMent

How do you manage your wardrobe? I personally like to manage my wardrobe by keeping all of my favorite trendy pieces together.  This in turn helps me find my outfit for the day or night in an efficient way.  Keeping everything neatly displayed so I can see everything is key.  I love merchandising my wardrobe as if I were walking into my favorite store.