Sweatin In Style

I am a workoutaholic and there's nothing like being motivated to hit the gym because of some new hot threads you bought that are fashionable, yet comfortable to sweat and do errands in.  On my days off I love lounging around in sweats and The Sweatstore has the most fashionable workout threads ever!  "The Sweat Store is Las Vegas' first multi-brand fashion forward fitness apparel boutique."  Lulu lemon you now have competition!  On days that I have nothing going on, I like to hit the gym and then basically run around in my sweats all day.  I love fashion, but I enjoy days off from sporting the trends every now and then. Who doesn't?

Since deep and royal violets are my favorite colors I couldn't resist these two finds! I originally saw the tye dye ones on Instagram and had to come in and get them. Of course I had to splurge on the capris too, but when it comes to workout clothes, for me it's an investment because I know that I will be living in them every week.  The greatest benefit with the tye dye leggings is not only are they durable and made for workouts, they are stylish enough to wear with boots for a chill night out!  Freaking awesome!


D.I.Y with Gulten Dye

If you are in Vegas and need something fun and different to do, why not get lost in the depths of your creative desires?  As children we used to have imaginations filled with color and vitality, but as we become adults some of us forget to allow ourselves to let go.   Letting go of stresses are the biggest challenges that we face as adults.  Learning to turn off thoughts can be difficult.  As we graduated to each grade level in school, the crayons that once made life so extraordinary as children began to disappear from the curriculum.  The world around us turned black and white.  Taking life seriously of having to be a certain way and having to act a certain way are instilled in us where we might as well be robots.  We can lose ourselves in this mindless world if we don't do what we love and follow our hearts.  Remember that art class we all took as kids in school?  If you were never good at art, didn't it feel great to escape the classroom from the black and white stuff anyway?  Art is like giving your brain a recess break from thinking or overanalyzing so much.  I'm starting to understand that the left and right brain must have a healthy balance and must equally be exercised.  Some people escape the black and white stresses with drinking, drugs among other unhealthy ways because somehow we all forgot to embrace the creative side that our soul craves.   

Gulten Dye's creative playground was equivalent to finding a magical unicorn!  I'm not going to lie, I have no idea what it's like to truly catch a unicorn.  I'm not sure if I ever will know what that experience would be like, but I believe this unique spot is pretty darn close to the magic of it!  As soon as I walked through the door, I introduced myself.  As I stuck my hand out for a handshake, Gulten welcomed me with open arms.  I loved that.  It's not often that you get a hug from a stranger.  Within seconds, I felt like I've known her all my life.  She is inspiring and possesses a beautiful soul that radiates throughout her unique pieces.  Gulten Dye has many beautiful beads, stones, and pendants that allows you to make whatever your heart desires whether it's a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a ring.  Her boutique is stimulating enough to get your creative juices flowing!  I felt as if I died and gone to heaven considering the fact that I've always wanted to create my own jewelry line.  I'm excited that I can now learn from Gulten herself.  The artwork that graced the walls were gorgeous and were painted by local artists .  There are books written by local authors that were for sale including her very own book based on her life journey entitled Semi-Coma Evolution of My Intermittent Consciousness.  I love reading other people's stories so I am excited to read hers.  She also has a calendar of workshops and classes from jewelry making to journal writing.   Born in Turkey, she was a nurse and through her experiences of being a nurse, led her to follow her heart and what she loves to do through jewelry making.  Celine Dion and Rachel Ray are two celebs that have fallen in love with her work.  I am so thankful for finding this gem in a crazy city thanks to one of my best friends Johaira.  Thank you Gulten Dye for this Ahhhhhh-mazing creative playground! XOXO
Excited to read her book!
    Necklace and wrap bracelet I made.  I chose the yin and yang beads as a reminder that creative deprivation can lead to unhealthy balance.
Located at Town Square Mall
6539 Las Vegas blvd s ste x-112, Las Vegas, Nv 89119
Visit www.gultendye.com for more information

Veterans Day Threads

The camo jacket has been a huge trend that started about a year ago, and I'm shocked at how I haven't blogged on it until now.  I must admit, I have been waiting for my dad to clean out his closet because I remember as a little girl, camo was his uniform for being in the Air Force.  I asked him last year if he had any camo left and he said he'll look.  I'm so glad I waited because he finally cleaned out his closet, and I scooped up the long awaited camo jacket from his closet a few days ago just in time to sport it for Veterans Day!  There are so many ways to sport camo while still maintaining a feminine appeal.  For the look above, I paired the jacket with a bodycon plum cotton dress, boots, dressed with a gold Casio watch and other gold accessories.  I wanted to wear a black beanie, but the jacket was a little warm and I didn't feel like sweating profusely throughout the day.  My father, a Veteran, is my hero because with the mess that's going on in the Philippines right now, I'm thankful he brought over my mom's family years ago so they may live a comfortable life here in the states.  Happy Veterans Day to all who have served in the past, present, and to the future Veterans of this world. 


Just Do It

Whatever it is in life that you want, you should go after it.  If there is a passion that moves you then that's what you should be doing.  Whatever you love, do it because it feeds your soul allowing your true light to shine.  By feeding your soul, you feed others.  If it's something you would set aside time in a busy day to do because you love it that much, then that's what you should be doing.  If you don't mind doing it for free because it makes you really happy, do it!  If it's something you always wanted to try, don't wait another day.....do it.  We don't know how short our time here on Earth is so we should all do what we love.  Like my favorite slogan from Nike states, "Just Do It!"

I fell in love with these Nike Free leopard 5.0 when I first laid eyes on them because they are violet, my favorite color.  The leopard is subtle and adds a fashion forward appeal to my attire at the gym!  They also look great with baggy sweats a tank and leather jacket for a more street look. 


Dahhhhling Gatsby

The quality of this pic is so bad that if it were in black and white, it could pass as being taken in the twenties!

Hello dahhhhhlings! :) I usually choose to be something funny and creative for a Halloween costume, but this year I decided to shop in my own closet and see what I can pull together.  Having a last minute party to attend, I figured it's much better to shop at home than to wait in a line at a costume store.  The dress is by Guess and has sat in my closet for a few years now.  I've had the urge to give it away because I never wore it.  It reminded me of a twenties style dress so I decided to go for a Great Gatsby inspiration.  The cigarettes, holder and peacock feathers were all I had to purchase making this the most frugal costume I've put together in the history of all my Halloweens! Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! :)

Faux fur coat * vintage
Dress * Guess
Rose gold Necklace/Bracelet * Betsey Johnson
Headband * Anthropologie
Shoes * Vince Camuto

Free Falling

I'm sure that you may have read in magazines or on other blogs that it's safe to wear white after Labor Day.  I couldn't agree more. I'm a firm believer in once you know the rules, it's ok to break them!  To me there are no rules in fashion because fashion allows the person to express who they are without having to speak.  In creativity, there shouldn't be any silly rules; otherwise, how would you be able to be who you truly are?

The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and refreshing.  Styles can be worn in layers making fall my favorite time of year.  I see pumpkins at the grocery stores waiting to be carved as pumpkin spice turns into a menu option for pancakes at local breakfast restaurants.  The cozy sweaters, scarves, and jackets that sat all summer long in my wardrobe can finally be included in the decision making process of piecing an outfit together.  This time of year puts a huge smile on my face.  It isn't too hot or too cold.  It's perfect.  I love boots and I love layering.  This trapeze dress, or should I say "slip," is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe because it can be worn in so many different ways.  For a more fall and winter look, a sweater can be worn over it and the weather will determine when that will happen.  For the look pictured above, I wore a super long black tank underneath since the dress would be see through if worn alone, paired with a light scarf and boots.  This look is comfortable, boho and feminine!  Just like the leaves that fall freely to the ground from the trees, this dress is truly meant for a free spirit <3

Dress/Necklace/Ring * Freepeople
Boots * Fergalicious
Scarf * Forever 21
Bag * Brandy Melville


Happyville with Brandy Melville

I recently took a trip to California to relax and get away and one of my favorite stores that embraces the laid back casual, comfy, yet super cute Cali style is a store called Brandy Melville.  The fabrics and prints of their pieces drift me into happy land of walks along the beach with the fresh clean scent of the ocean air which allows a smile to shine through because inner bliss in that exact moment is found.  Pretty deep huh?! Ahhhhh yes! "Happiness" and "bliss" are the two words I use to describe the Brandy Melville brand.  Most of their pieces can be used to layer different looks.  Cali style is all about layering.  I'm a huge fan of layering so when it gets too hot out here in the desert I pout because I can't wear my favorite layering pieces.  The mornings and nights can get a bit chilly in Cali so a denim button down would look cute over the muscle tank or even tied around the waist to keep at hand for style.  I fell in love with these shorts when I tried them on because they are made of cotton and are super comfortable.  

Astronomy and quantum physics intrigue me so the muscle tank had me at hello.

These shorts can be worn with different boots, sandals or even dressed up in heels.  A little secret is that they are high waisted so imagine the possibilities!

I apologize that the pics aren't in best quality because of my shaky hands.  I'm horrible at taking selfies! hahaha

Orbits of the planet muscle tank and shorts * Brandy Melville
Boots * Minnetonka

Visit www.Brandymelvilleusa.com to shop styles


Gyaru Fashion

Gyaru  fashion is a type of Japanese street fashion that originated in the 1970s.  Gyaru is a transliteration of the English word gal.  The term describes the glamour reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot with tanned skin and blonde hair.  There are different subcategories of this style that may vary depending on the individual.  The makeup is worn dramatic as false eyelashes and circle lens are worn to make the eyes appear larger.  These are a few pics that I found of the more toned down version of Gyaru fashion.

Being born in Japan, I love to study the culture especially when it comes to their street fashion.  If I had grown up in Japan, I believe Gyaru is the style I would be sporting around.  Is it because Gyaru is closely related to some American trends?  I guess I will never know the answer to that question.


Layer Luck and Prosperity

     I haven't posted in awhile because I've been trying to get my mind, body, and spirit aligned. During this time of year I usually take the time to reflect inwardly and work on the core of my being.  Maybe it's that old routine instilled in me whispering "summer is over and it's back to school" even though I've graduated college years ago.  Perhaps it still haunts me to this day.  When summer is winding down and the Vegas heat from the triple digit weather has drained me, I like to research or challenge myself in some kind of way.  I use this time to see how much more I can grow as a person for the better.  How can I push myself to my full potential?  I've done all kinds of research when it comes to spirituality and my family tree.  This fall I've decided to practice yoga once more. The reason I say once more is because I discovered yoga in college when I had to fill my schedule up to go full time in order to keep my scholarship.  
      All anybody wants out of life is to be lucky and prosper in whatever short or long term goal they may have.  Yoga has always clicked with me because it feels so good to nourish my mind, body, and spirit while breathing through the difficulties.  I believe if one can control and be the master of those three things where they are all in sync, then you are a master jedi!  I found that through yoga I seem to "wow" myself more and more each day.   I loved this bracelet made by a local designer named Taiyhari.  Her bracelets make me happy.  In Vegas, you can find these fun luck and prosperity bracelets at any of the Patty's Closet locations or on Etsy.  There were so many awesome ones to pick from, but the "om" symbol caught my attention because it's where I'm at in life.  I love the idea of challenging myself with something that I know with a little bit of practice, I'll conquer.  The bracelet can be worn alone or for layering with other bracelets.  Now that the weather is starting to cool off, I will have more blogs on the way so stay tuned and thank you for being a loyal reader and if you are new, welcome and feel free to stay awhile :)


Featured in TOMS

I discovered a really cool sneaker boutique in Chinatown called Feature located at 3735 Spring Mountain Rd #205, Las Vegas, NV 89102. This boutique is a hidden gem because unlike LA, Vegas doesn't offer exclusive or unique styles when it comes to sneakers. Feature carries both men and womens sneakers, sunglasses, watches and clothing. I've been on the hunt for some TOMS and found the gray suede version of the Cordones. I've never tried on a pair of TOMS but as soon as I tried these on, I was in heaven! They are extremely comfortable so I was sold.  For more info on Feature sneaker boutique and items they carry visit www.featuresneakerboutique.com

Blake Mycoskie is the Founder and Chief shoe giver of TOMS, and the person behind the idea of One for One, which turned into a global movement. TOMS has given over two million pairs of new shoes to children in need since it began in 2006. For more info on TOMS and how you can help visit www.toms.com/

Q: Why the name TOMS?

A: "There is no TOM. We like to say that everyone is a TOM, because what TOMS stands for is a derivative of the word 'tomorrow' and the idea that we have a better tomorrow. You buy a pair today, and we give away a pair tomorrow."

Incredible, inspiring, and beautiful!


The Color Purple

 Purple is my favorite color of all time and I realized how I haven't dedicated a post to the color purple in fashion.  First of all, I apologize for not having many posts lately.  My chihuahua Taco that I had for exactly half my life recently passed away and I needed time to mourn the loss of my best friend.  There isn't a single day that goes by that I don't think about him.  I never realized how difficult and sad it truly is to lose a pet that you spend so many years with.  Reflecting back on those years I thought, wow, I can't believe he was right there with me through all those ups and downs.  Time flies by so fast that suffering from my loss has made me look at life even more differently than I usually do.  It has made me more aware.  More aware that the people you do have in your life deserve nothing but the best of who you are as a person.  That light inside that you feel on your happiest day should be radiating in you everyday even when it's your lowest day.  Our biggest struggle in life isn't people, our biggest struggle is what goes on in our own minds on a day to day basis.  Focusing on everything you love as opposed to everything that you hate is the only road to freedom and happiness.  It's not always easy, but I'm going to try my best as I am fortunate enough to have a place in this world.  Purple is the color of peace and the unknown for me which is why I've always found myself so drawn to it. 

"As it turns out, almost all colors are in fact just as real as any other color--with the exception of purple. Purple is mostly an artifact of the way our eyes and brains perceive colors and try to make sense out of a world which doesn't always make sense". 
R.I.P Taco you will always be in my heart till we meet again someday