Show me your Fanny!

You are probably thinking "I don't know about this one...." but fear no more because according to New York Fashion Week Spring 2013, the fanny pack is making a comeback!  I'm not talking about the bright neon 1989 version so relax!  Now if you can rock the loud neon version of the fanny pack and swag it out then go for it!  Brands such as DKNY and Lacoste were on the runway sporting their version of a more chic way to wear a fanny.  
I'm not gonna lie....when I saw this army green fanny pack years back I couldn't help but purchase it!  It wasn't even a trend at the time and the fact that it was a neutral tone with the cute pockets, I couldn't resist.  I figured either I'll wear it and make a statement or at some point the "fanny" will come back around again.  I guess my fashion instincts were right!  Do I think everyone will jump back on this trend?  Of course not! You have to find one that's totally your style.  They're perfect for when you're on the go or if you have neck/shoulder pains like me from carrying a huge purse around. 
Since my fanny pack had that camo/military feel, I decided to pair it with a dog tag necklace and aviators to complete the look!
VoilA! Hope you enjoyed! XOXO

Fanny Pack * A. Kurtz
Dog Tag Necklace * H&M
Jersey Tank * H&M
Boots * Fergie


I Am Lion..hear me ROAR

Gold chunky necklaces are the hottest trend right now, and I have been on the hunt for one until I stumbled across this Barbary lion necklace currently sold at Urban Outfitters.  I've realized my accessory collection holds a bunch of animal pendants, rings, bracelets...etc  Deep down I must yearn for a connection with nature or it might be my Native American blood trying to seek a connection with these majestic creatures!  Either way, I live in a desert so all I get to see in their natural habitat are  pigeons, spiders and occasionally a woodpecker if I'm lucky!  I guess I live vicariously through these animals when I wear a piece of jewelry.  Today I like to think of myself as a lion..well, maybe it's my wild unruly hair that makes me feel like I have a lion's mane on my head!  Anyhow, Barbary lions are considered to be the largest and the heaviest of the lion subspecies.  "The Romans used Barbary lions in the Coliseum to battle with Gladiators.  In the middle ages, the lions kept in the menagerie at the Tower of London were Barbary lions as shown by DNA testing of the two well preserved skulls excavated at the Tower in 1937." -Wikipedia I personally like to wear this necklace alone to dress up a simple tee or paired with a long simple necklace.  This necklace definitely makes a statement and I looove it! XoXo


I Spy with my Eye....

...."A Slice of Heaven" written and sung by a friend of mine, Melody Sweets in my favorite show on the strip, Absinthe! Sparkly six inch platforms are lowered twice a night every Wed-Sun from the top of this unique tent right outside Caesar's Palace. This zany, comical, sexy show is filled with a talented cast from around the globe.  This cast knows exactly how to push the envelope!  The palm of my hands during the show were sweaty and my cheeks were sore from laughing! Like a roller-coaster ride, the show will make you hang on to your seat and you hold your breath! I was in a state of euphoria while watching these acts perform live :) I absolutely love and adore this show because it reminds me of the movie Hangover but better!  Both the Gazillionaire and Penny had me in stitches while the beautiful Melody Sweets and Angel Porrino add the sexiness to the show.  The acrobat/aerialists literally will make your jaw drop.  Never dull, this is a must-see show here in Sin City!  I wasn't able to catch Melody perform her latest album, "Burlesque in the Black" last Saturday, so I decided to buy her album sold inside the tent.  I love supporting people who work hard at what they love! If a person puts their heart and soul into something I believe in doing everything I can to support them.  After listening to her album, my favorite songs are "Up All Night," "Love Bite" and of course "Slice of Heaven."  You can purchase her album at Melody is quite the seductress vocally and physically!  I loved the instruments used to give the songs that burlesque feel.  The album makes me want to have fun with my girls and have a burlesque themed party!  How fun would that be? As Melody Sweets would say...."MeOW!"
Dress * Brandy Melville
Jacket * H&M
Boots * Michael Kors
Watch * Michael kors
Purse * Vintage




If I had a comic book name, my name would probably be Stitch.  I've been through a lot in life.  They say, "God doesn't give you anything you can't handle." My friend Mallory of Model Comics is an amazing artist out of Las Vegas.  She decided to put the model comics that she's so talented at drawing from scratch onto T-shirts.  When she announced that her shirts would be sold at the store STITCHED located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel, I couldn't help but to go down there and get one!  I had never been inside of STITCHED and when I got there, I loved all of the swaggalicious guy fashion that they had going on inside the store.  It was a men's suit and tie type of place, but it was for the more fashionable, trendy, suited up guy or a guy that appreciates good fashion! They sold Creative Recreation sneakers that looks great paired with slacks among other brands of shoes.  The ties that were being sold had many colors and patterns to choose from.  Needless to say, the staff was super friendly and stylish! The shirts that were put there by Mallory were just finished getting their barcodes in time for me to purchase one of them! I could've ordered from her website at and gotten a shirt a month or two earlier, but for me there's no adventure in that.  I love meeting people and seeing what's out there.  Long story short, I decided to have a little adventure by checking out the Cosmopolitan with my new shirt.  There I was embracing the beauty of the Cosmo with its gorgeous Chandelier Bar and the brightly lit huge screens outside from Planet Hollywood across the way. I love how so many people can come together on a project and leave you standing there truly amazed.  This is probably my favorite hotel in Vegas because it's super swanky! It's sexy! I'm huge on visuals and this place offers so much visual stimulation from the live music coming from the different lounges, the Chandelier Bar, and the cute stitched up red shoe located inside towards the front of the casino...I can go on.  It's an adventure a person would have to see and take on their own.  You can sit there in complete awe at this place.  The parking garages even have beautiful artwork on the walls.  The one I found was one I had never seen before.  The walls had the word "love" written all over in red. LOVE....what we all want, need, and desire in life.  Love.  After leaving the Cosmo, the strip was kind of busy, and as I was about to enter the freeway, a red camaro traveling east failed to stop at a red light.  The car hit and spun my car around on the on-ramp entering the I-15 southbound.  I try to remind myself of how lucky I am despite the aftermath of stress that I'm dealing with at this very moment.  Lets just say I have some serious guardian angels doing their job! In life wherever you're at, it could ALWAYS be much worse! In this case, I was "stitched" in more ways than one.
                                                             Jacket * Double Zero
                                                           T-Shirt * Model Comics
                                                          Leggings/Earrings * H&M
                                                                 Boots * Zara
                                                                Clutch * UE
                                                              Beanie * All Saints


I Have A Dream

 "I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.  It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream."-Rev. Martin Luther King J.R. On this day, I wanted to claim to you that I have a dream just like you and every human out there. What is that dream? Honestly, in a way I guess you could say that I strive to do what keeps me happy each and every day.  They say to "do you and do what you love," and the world can't help but to conspire to what it is that you are seeking.  The more you love what it is that you are doing, the happier you are, the more positive you will be, and things will start to correspond in your favor.  The law of attraction... have a vision, hold onto it, and watch it manifest.  I'm a true believer in having a vision. Vision is key.  Do I have bad days? Of course.  Life loves to throw curve balls and when it does, that's when you have to be grateful for your vision because with that vision,  you are capable of knocking any pitch that life throws at you out of the park. You might have a day when you or someone you know finds out that they have cancer, or you might get into a horrible car accident etc.  For me it's hard to do, but you have to strive to re-route your thinking and think of all the things that you are grateful for.  I try to make a list every night before I go to bed and before I start my day.  It can be as simple as hot showers, your health, your family, your friends, etc and then that "curve ball" won't seem as bad.  Trust me I get frustrated at those "curve balls" but those are just life's little tests to see how bad you want your vision to come true.  Your faith is tested, your strength is tested. Downtown Las Vegas has an arts district with many talented artists.  My boyfriend happened to stumble across this mural on his way to the Cashman Center and brought it to my attention.  I mentioned it to my photographer, and seeing as how we are celebrating him today, we both thought it would be something very cool to photograph. Enjoy!
                                                                Jacket/Pants * H&M
                                                       Top * some boutique on Melrose
                                                                 Pumps * Aldo


Stairway to Heaven

Ahh yes, heaven is where these stairs lead! If you love and adore fashion as much as I do, the Fashion Show Mall here in Vegas is one of the best places to get lost in all of the brands that you love! My schedule had been so hectic the past two months with traveling and the holidays, that I haven't truly gotten the chance to catch up with one of my best friends, Amy Guess.  I've known Amy ever since we used to play with the hair crimper...back when we thought we were so stylish, lol!  We used to have our parents drop us off at the mall as we browsed the latest trends and laughed our way in and out of our favorite stores!  Whenever I hang with Amy, it takes me back to that special place in my heart when we were young and carefree :)  Now that we are grown up and no longer use that hair crimper as a styling tool, we love taking the time to browse through our favorite stores such as Freepeople, Nordstrom, S.Y.L.K, Topshop, and Zara just to name a few, all found here at the Fashion Show Mall. On this trip to the Blvd, we grabbed lunch at the Nordstrom cafe which is one of my favorite cafes! It's not only yummy but healthy as long as you stay away from the enticing desserts just before making your way to the cashier!  Today we kept it healthy and light.  We both had salmon and veggies.  Afterward, we got a chance to catch up on S.Y.L.K's fashion show that happened to be going on.  Yes...the Fashion Show Mall has fashion shows!  Super exciting! It wouldn't be called the "fashion show mall" if it didn't have fashion shows of course.  I wish I had gotten pictures to share while we watched the show, but we were too busy getting lost in our fun conversations :) Besides the things that this mall has to offer, they say "the best things in life are free" and that's my friendship with Amy.  We met in high school while sharing our love for the stage in both choir and theater.  Her voice is a blessing from up above and you can listen to her here at I must say I have been lucky enough to hear her sing in person, but she will send chills up and down your spine right in your own home if you listen to her album.  She makes me tear up every time I hear her voice!  She's truly amazing and an angel :) With that said, I would love to hear what your favorite song is once you get a chance to listen to her album.  Check it out now, close your eyes, and listen to her angelic voice as she takes you away on a journey straight from the heart ;)  XOXO
Today's outfit: 
Leather jacket * Obey
Tank * All Saints
Jeans * Zara
Boots * Tony K
Rings * Forever 21 and House of Harlow
Necklace * Urban Outfitters
On Amy:
Top * Express
Bottoms * Citizens of Humanity
Boots * Naughty Monkey
Scarf * Express
Purse * Marc Jacobs


Sweet Dreams

Beauty is seen through your eyes and the eyes are the windows to your soul so why not make sure you get proper sleep with BellaWink eye masks! Danyell is the creator behind these amazing masks and luckily I was fortunate enough to get one after she came down to the Matt Goss show this weekend :) She designed one specifically for Mecca, Matt, and me. She is able to make you your own original mask or you can choose from the beautiful collection she already has if you visit her website at The design of my mask was made with two birds with two pink rhinestones because I had given her husband the idea of using a birdcage to display her accessories using one.  I learned this unique idea through the famous designer Nanette Lepore!  Please scroll to see one of my first blog posts on accessory organization :) I've also used birdcages to make a unique cardholder for my cousin's wedding which you can check out here on Pinterest. The reverse side of the mask is super soft and comfortable with an adjustable band. I absolutely LOVE it! Don't sleep another night without one! Sweet Dreams XOXO


BLiNG iT On!

Like the stars that twinkle in the night, Vegas has its alluring sparkle where you can't help but smile.  It seduces and stimulates while giving you what you want so that you keep coming back for more! The city that doesn't sleep and the city of entertainment! What I love about this place is the fact that you will see most of what the world has to offer right here.  Each year, millions from around the world flock to Vegas whether it's for business or pleasure.  I have to admit sometimes the desert can make me feel depressed because there's moments where human instinct is to look for trees and ocean, but anytime I leave Las Vegas, I must admit, I start to miss it here.  Is living in Las Vegas fun and glamorous?  Of course it is! I must say I have been fortunate to continue doing what I love out here, performing on a stage that is! When I was little it was all I wanted to do.  Sing sing sing! I am lucky enough to be a background singer for a UK artist from the former Bros group, named Matt Goss. When I heard about the audition 4 years ago while I was at a dance class, I knew I had to go.  Plus Robin Antin, creator of the Pussycat Dolls was going to be the producer.  I'm grateful that I have been able to travel, see the world, and meet amazing people all while being a part of this show.  We perform every weekend at Caesar's Palace. The dress that my "sister from another mister"aka Mecca (background singer) and I wear in the show Robin designed herself. The first 4 pictures are from other nights, shows, events.  The last 3 pictures are from the past two nights combined :) Next time you're in town for the weekend, stop in and see the show! Have a wonderful day XOXO




What seems to look like a mob of people inside a casino/hotel, usually turns out to be just another long wait to get into one of Vegas's buffets.  Today I tried out the newest buffet in town...the Bacchanal buffet at Caesars Palace.  I must say I was impressed with the modern decor and the presentation of food.  Pretty glass as pictured above was scattered throughout the floors of the buffet.  Chandelier and beautiful light fixtures hung over some of the tables which made it not seem like a buffet at all.  If you've been to other buffets in Vegas and compared it to this one you would know what I mean.  The staff was very friendly as I grazed through each station trying to pick out some of the healthiest items such as veggies and salmon.  However, I couldn't resist the cute little fried chicken and french fry baskets!  The french fries were amazing!  I tried filling myself up on mostly the healthy stuff before I lost it at the dessert bar!  Chocolate is my weakness and the dessert bar had plenty of it! I went during lunch time and I'm sure the dinner selection is to die for. When you go to a Vegas buffet make sure you go on an empty stomach! Inside Caesar's Palace there's a ton of walking between the casino, the hotel and the Forum Shops so make sure you bring walking shoes.  Today I decided to wear stretch leggings covered by a loose sweater so I can fit all of the desserts into my tummy without feeling or looking like a house! lol I decided to wear my trusted Steve Madden flat boots for the walking. I must say I'm a fat happy camper right now! XOXO


Fashion and Style Hard Copy!

I love collecting fashion and beauty books! Here are some of my favorites that I have so far.  If you love fashion as much as I do, these are must reads! Style A to Zoe is my favorite because I look up to Rachel Zoe as a personal stylist. In her book she talks about how she prepares her clients on the red carpet before a major event from head to toe or essentials that you should have in your purse etc. The other book on style is The Gospel According to Chanel.  The author takes you on an inside look of how Chanel came about.  Anyone who loves Chanel would love to read how she made her start.  The last two featured are by the famous makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin.  These were my very first beauty books and it has step by step makeup tutorials on how to achieve specific looks.  With all the wonderful things you can look up on the internet while on the go sometimes you need a good old fashioned hard copy you can hold in your hands! ;)