Stairway to Heaven

Ahh yes, heaven is where these stairs lead! If you love and adore fashion as much as I do, the Fashion Show Mall here in Vegas is one of the best places to get lost in all of the brands that you love! My schedule had been so hectic the past two months with traveling and the holidays, that I haven't truly gotten the chance to catch up with one of my best friends, Amy Guess.  I've known Amy ever since we used to play with the hair crimper...back when we thought we were so stylish, lol!  We used to have our parents drop us off at the mall as we browsed the latest trends and laughed our way in and out of our favorite stores!  Whenever I hang with Amy, it takes me back to that special place in my heart when we were young and carefree :)  Now that we are grown up and no longer use that hair crimper as a styling tool, we love taking the time to browse through our favorite stores such as Freepeople, Nordstrom, S.Y.L.K, Topshop, and Zara just to name a few, all found here at the Fashion Show Mall. On this trip to the Blvd, we grabbed lunch at the Nordstrom cafe which is one of my favorite cafes! It's not only yummy but healthy as long as you stay away from the enticing desserts just before making your way to the cashier!  Today we kept it healthy and light.  We both had salmon and veggies.  Afterward, we got a chance to catch up on S.Y.L.K's fashion show that happened to be going on.  Yes...the Fashion Show Mall has fashion shows!  Super exciting! It wouldn't be called the "fashion show mall" if it didn't have fashion shows of course.  I wish I had gotten pictures to share while we watched the show, but we were too busy getting lost in our fun conversations :) Besides the things that this mall has to offer, they say "the best things in life are free" and that's my friendship with Amy.  We met in high school while sharing our love for the stage in both choir and theater.  Her voice is a blessing from up above and you can listen to her here at I must say I have been lucky enough to hear her sing in person, but she will send chills up and down your spine right in your own home if you listen to her album.  She makes me tear up every time I hear her voice!  She's truly amazing and an angel :) With that said, I would love to hear what your favorite song is once you get a chance to listen to her album.  Check it out now, close your eyes, and listen to her angelic voice as she takes you away on a journey straight from the heart ;)  XOXO
Today's outfit: 
Leather jacket * Obey
Tank * All Saints
Jeans * Zara
Boots * Tony K
Rings * Forever 21 and House of Harlow
Necklace * Urban Outfitters
On Amy:
Top * Express
Bottoms * Citizens of Humanity
Boots * Naughty Monkey
Scarf * Express
Purse * Marc Jacobs


  1. You are so gorgeous and I absolutely adore your jacket!!


    1. Aww thank you sweetie that means a lot ;) xoxo

  2. Love the look- so tough and city-chic. :)


  3. Love these photos!

  4. Love the outfit!

  5. I really like that outfit! Great for shopping :)
    xo jess