What seems to look like a mob of people inside a casino/hotel, usually turns out to be just another long wait to get into one of Vegas's buffets.  Today I tried out the newest buffet in town...the Bacchanal buffet at Caesars Palace.  I must say I was impressed with the modern decor and the presentation of food.  Pretty glass as pictured above was scattered throughout the floors of the buffet.  Chandelier and beautiful light fixtures hung over some of the tables which made it not seem like a buffet at all.  If you've been to other buffets in Vegas and compared it to this one you would know what I mean.  The staff was very friendly as I grazed through each station trying to pick out some of the healthiest items such as veggies and salmon.  However, I couldn't resist the cute little fried chicken and french fry baskets!  The french fries were amazing!  I tried filling myself up on mostly the healthy stuff before I lost it at the dessert bar!  Chocolate is my weakness and the dessert bar had plenty of it! I went during lunch time and I'm sure the dinner selection is to die for. When you go to a Vegas buffet make sure you go on an empty stomach! Inside Caesar's Palace there's a ton of walking between the casino, the hotel and the Forum Shops so make sure you bring walking shoes.  Today I decided to wear stretch leggings covered by a loose sweater so I can fit all of the desserts into my tummy without feeling or looking like a house! lol I decided to wear my trusted Steve Madden flat boots for the walking. I must say I'm a fat happy camper right now! XOXO


  1. Awesome to see a blog being done by a Vegas fashionista. Cute outfit, I'm wearing my black studded steve maddens as I write this. His shoes just fit me perfectly. I'm envious of your desserts.


  2. :) Thank you so much Tiffy! Yes I love Steve Maddens especially boots! I love boots! Yes you need to try the Bacchanal buffet at Caesars when you're in Vegas. It's amazing!


  3. Hi really love this outfit as much I like the place where you are.


    1. Thank you Marine! Means a lot. XOXO

  4. awesome :)
    lovely blog.
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  5. Thank you Hina! I will def do the same. Thanks again :) XOXO