Ol' Faithful

 There are cool pieces that are in your wardrobe that withstand the test of time and you may thought to get rid of but didn't.  In my case, it's my cowboy boots.  I call them "Ol' Faithful."  These boots were made for walkin and that's exactly what they have done and continue to do!  I've done some serious walk/runs in these boots to catch subway trains to make it through the streets of NY in time to catch broadway shows, and walks on the beach with one of best friends in Santa Monica.  They have been great because they never disappointed when it came down to the comfort factor.   Cowboy boots weren't made for just the western wearing person, but they're a trend that keeps recycling!  Remember when celebs were wearing them with sundresses?  People were wearing cowboy boots that probably didn't even like country music.  Steve Madden were selling them like hot cakes among other shoe companies.  Then, just like every trend, cowboy boots faded into the depths of our closets.  I've considered giving my cowboy boots away but couldn't.  Besides, they're always good for some good line dancing with friends!  For me, they are a trend that I'll keep revisiting.     

Juicing is a lifestyle trend that people are all the rage about lately.  I've never really gotten into it because I love food too much.  I can't imagine living off of nothing but liquid for a week or however long you're supposed to juice for.  I've tried a few green juices and none were to my liking until I stumbled across this sweet greens juice at one of my favorite healthy places to eat Rachel's Kitchen.  The juice is pretty refreshing made with apple, spinach, kale, cucumber, lemon and ginger root.  It's hard to eat the daily recommended intake for fruits and vegetables required for a healthy diet but this is a good way to get some of it in.  Rachel's Kitchen serves healthy breakfast and lunch ranging from oatmeal to salads and pastas.  One of my favs is the chicken salad sandwich.  If you like eating healthy then I highly recommend this place if you are visiting Vegas. 

This dress will probably end up becoming one of my faithful pieces as well.  I believe I've gotten the most wear out of this dress than anything else I might have purchased as far as clothing goes.  I bought it in white I loved the style so much.  There are so many ways to wear this dress as it can be dressed up or down.  I love pieces that give me the option to wear it more than one way.  What is your favorite faithful piece?

Dress * H&M
Necklaces/peace ring * Brandy Melville
Headband * Claire's
Ring * Freepeople
Sunglasses * Topshop

To Dye For

I was super excited when I saw this high low tie dye skirt at the Patty's Closet Northwest location at 7010 N. Durango Dr #120 Las Vegas, NV 89149.  There are so many cute things at this boutique plus styles are only ordered once meaning 6 of each style (2 smalls, 2 mediums, 2 large) which is great because I know I'm one of 5 other girls that will have this skirt! Also, there are only one of each style when it comes to the accessories.  I could have easily styled this outfit the practical girly way with open toe platform heels or wedges, but I decided to try an edgier route instead pairing the skirt with military style boots.  I like to call this the "Rhianna" look!  I don't know why but it totally reminds me of something she would wear.  I even gave the skirt a side knot to show an even more unique way to wear it.  There are so many ways that I can wear this skirt which makes it a cool piece to own.   

Skirt/Ring * Patty's Closet NW boutique
Tank * BDG
Beanie/Bracelet * Urban Outfitter's
Boots * Top Shoes in LA


Mint Layer Cake

The weather outside has been absolutely gorgeous! That's right, spring is finally here!  I'm so happy about this because when you live in Vegas, a person can only have so many winter jackets before one says, "I have nothing left to wear!"  The weather outside is in the 80s and now is the time when a person can wear a mix of anything before it becomes unbearably hot in the summer.   I easily could've waited till it was even hotter out for an outfit like this but I'm too excited about the temperature that I couldn't help myself!

Mint is another hot color of the season right now and it's a great color on all skin tones.  I decided to wear this outfit paired with light layers of necklaces, bracelets, and the part I'm most excited about, my sandals!  These sandals I originally bought for my Miami trip last November and after the winter, I'm excited to wear them for the spring and summer.  It's almost like I just bought a brand new pair of sandals since I've only worn them once!  They are great for jazzing up any plain and simple outfit, plus I absolutely love the layers of beading around the ankle.  They compliment my boho side quite nicely!
Top * Daydreamer LA
Bracelets * H&M
Necklaces * Urban Outfitters/Betsey Johnson
Sandals * ZigiSoho


Star Light, Star Bright

...First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight."-unknown. Have you ever wished upon a star and have that wish come true?  I have.  This superstition is believed to have dated back since ancient times that when you see a shooting star, you make a wish using this simple poem.  I'm not superstitious, but it's always a fun thing to do.  I've seen shooting stars when I'm thinking of something deep or meaningful and it's almost like a confirmation that I'm right where I should be.  I like to believe that's the case.  

If you ever come to Las Vegas, you can't help but get a rush as soon as you see the lights from the city twinkling!  When I'm on a plane and I see those lights glowing from up high, I think to myself "Wow this is home!"  It never fails how people on the plane clap as soon as we reach landing.  I don't know of any other city in the world where passengers clap on a plane once they arrive at their destination?!  It is here in Vegas where that happens.  It can be difficult to see the stars here if you're on the strip, but if you go further out it's good to see that the stars are there twinkling down.

Top * Goddess Wing
Shorts * Zara
Boots * Aldo
Beanie * BDG


Pop of Color

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions." - Pablo Picasso Today I decided to have a little fun with color and step outside the box by pairing this cobalt blue top with these plum vintage boots.  For the most part, a person would pair this outfit with black shoes because it is the most practical thing to do; however, I loved giving it a punch of color in plum! 

There are so many colors to choose from when it comes to clothing.  I believe that people still find it hard to accept color in life.  The color of skin is one thing, but here, I am talking about the colors we choose to wear and incorporate into our daily lives.  I am not ashamed to admit that even I have a hard time wearing colors because it's almost as if one has to be in a certain mood to wear a certain color.  Also, if a specific top comes in different colors, most of us will go for the neutral such as black, white or beige.  Why is that?  As a child we were all drawn to color.  It's rare you see a child drawn to neutral colored toys.  Then again most toys are made bright because the colors are what makes it that much more appealing for kids to want it.  Why is it that as we got older we stopped reaching for color?  Is it because our jobs and society want us neutral and to not stand out?  I learned that on Wall Street the only colors that a worker may wear to work are navy blue, black and brown.  I've also read that in psychology certain colors come off too strong or too soft and can influence a person getting a job or winning over your date into a more serious relationship!  Prints showcase instability where solids show stability.  I find it all interesting but never base my outfit on those concepts.  No matter what, it is important to be you and dress like you.  Spring is here and flowers of all colors begin to bloom.  Pick a color, be bold, step outside your comfort zone and blossom!    

Matching lipstick with the boots! I didn't plan for it to happen, but I'm happy it did!  Hope you enjoyed! XOXO
Skirt * Sparkle & Fade
Top * Forever 21
Boots * Vintage
Handbag * Olivia + Joy
Necklace/Sunglasses * Urban Outfitters
Watch * Michael Kors


Eclectic Ensemble

 I love how the arts district downtown is growing which allows me to discover new places.  My most recent discovery is the Art Square thanks to my dear friend Walter Jacques Taieb.  His "Portraits Through Books" is one of a kind and original.  I especially loved the concept of how he names each of his pieces after the name of the people that own the books.  People can look at the books on the shelf in each portrait and view insight into the personality of the owner.  That idea alone is fascinating to me!

The colors of this particular portrait is what drew me in.  It so happens to be Kerry Simon's cookbooks! It's impossible to appreciate the details unless one views these portraits in person.  When standing in this  gallery it appears as if the books are right there in front of you waiting to be grabbed!

Walter may be expanding his creativity to fine-art photography, but I will always see him  as one of the most respectable musicians I have ever met! Not only did he attend Juilliard (where I wanted to go), he is a composer where his symphonic compositions were released by Sony Classical and RCA Red Seal.  We actually collaborated on a dance song together a couple years back entitled "I Need You Baby" and you can listen to it here at

These pics were taken at night and I wanted to keep the look of everything in it's raw natural form.  I understand that it's a little dark but I figured it looked cool.

Jacket * H&M
Skirt * Cotton On
Gold necklace * Urban Outfitters
Belt * Forever 21
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