Eclectic Ensemble

 I love how the arts district downtown is growing which allows me to discover new places.  My most recent discovery is the Art Square thanks to my dear friend Walter Jacques Taieb.  His "Portraits Through Books" is one of a kind and original.  I especially loved the concept of how he names each of his pieces after the name of the people that own the books.  People can look at the books on the shelf in each portrait and view insight into the personality of the owner.  That idea alone is fascinating to me!

The colors of this particular portrait is what drew me in.  It so happens to be Kerry Simon's cookbooks! It's impossible to appreciate the details unless one views these portraits in person.  When standing in this  gallery it appears as if the books are right there in front of you waiting to be grabbed!

Walter may be expanding his creativity to fine-art photography, but I will always see him  as one of the most respectable musicians I have ever met! Not only did he attend Juilliard (where I wanted to go), he is a composer where his symphonic compositions were released by Sony Classical and RCA Red Seal.  We actually collaborated on a dance song together a couple years back entitled "I Need You Baby" and you can listen to it here at

These pics were taken at night and I wanted to keep the look of everything in it's raw natural form.  I understand that it's a little dark but I figured it looked cool.

Jacket * H&M
Skirt * Cotton On
Gold necklace * Urban Outfitters
Belt * Forever 21
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  1. Very cool. Where is your bag from?

  2. This is fantastic! I've always loved the way books look. I find that when on a shelf they become the art!

  3. Beautiful photos!
    you look lovely!

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  4. Just fell in love by your skirt! Looks super cute on you!

    Like your blog & your style! You have a new follower.

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    Keep in touch!

  5. nice bottom :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  6. You look gorgeous in this skirt.
    Just love this outfit.

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  9. your skirt is GORGEOUS!!

  10. Love this! Thanks for your message on ifb. Want to follow eachother?

  11. Love this outfit! Casual and chic :)

  12. I just love everything about this look, from head to toe. It's boho chic perfection. The skirt is the winning piece. The bag ties in the leather jacket and skirt so beautifully. Awesome look.

    Happy you contacted me via IFB. :)