Ol' Faithful

 There are cool pieces that are in your wardrobe that withstand the test of time and you may thought to get rid of but didn't.  In my case, it's my cowboy boots.  I call them "Ol' Faithful."  These boots were made for walkin and that's exactly what they have done and continue to do!  I've done some serious walk/runs in these boots to catch subway trains to make it through the streets of NY in time to catch broadway shows, and walks on the beach with one of best friends in Santa Monica.  They have been great because they never disappointed when it came down to the comfort factor.   Cowboy boots weren't made for just the western wearing person, but they're a trend that keeps recycling!  Remember when celebs were wearing them with sundresses?  People were wearing cowboy boots that probably didn't even like country music.  Steve Madden were selling them like hot cakes among other shoe companies.  Then, just like every trend, cowboy boots faded into the depths of our closets.  I've considered giving my cowboy boots away but couldn't.  Besides, they're always good for some good line dancing with friends!  For me, they are a trend that I'll keep revisiting.     

Juicing is a lifestyle trend that people are all the rage about lately.  I've never really gotten into it because I love food too much.  I can't imagine living off of nothing but liquid for a week or however long you're supposed to juice for.  I've tried a few green juices and none were to my liking until I stumbled across this sweet greens juice at one of my favorite healthy places to eat Rachel's Kitchen.  The juice is pretty refreshing made with apple, spinach, kale, cucumber, lemon and ginger root.  It's hard to eat the daily recommended intake for fruits and vegetables required for a healthy diet but this is a good way to get some of it in.  Rachel's Kitchen serves healthy breakfast and lunch ranging from oatmeal to salads and pastas.  One of my favs is the chicken salad sandwich.  If you like eating healthy then I highly recommend this place if you are visiting Vegas. 

This dress will probably end up becoming one of my faithful pieces as well.  I believe I've gotten the most wear out of this dress than anything else I might have purchased as far as clothing goes.  I bought it in white I loved the style so much.  There are so many ways to wear this dress as it can be dressed up or down.  I love pieces that give me the option to wear it more than one way.  What is your favorite faithful piece?

Dress * H&M
Necklaces/peace ring * Brandy Melville
Headband * Claire's
Ring * Freepeople
Sunglasses * Topshop


  1. You look adorable!


  2. Awesome look!


  3. Obsessed with your lace dress!!!

  4. Lovely bag and booties. xoxo :*

  5. Love the armcandy! I'm a huge fan of stacking bracelets. Seriously adore

    xox, cheri

  6. Nice Bog :)

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  7. Love it! The boots and the bag, great!
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  9. Cute look mama! My and the dude just recently started really getting into juicing. We love cucumber, pear, mint and a little lime.

  10. So happy to see those boots. I've always wanted a pair and now I'm really dying to get some!

  11. You make me want to buy some cowboy boots, still don't own any! LOOOOOOOve this look, it's fab!
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  12. Cute dress! i will check H&M for that...=)

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  15. Loooove your dress!
    You are so cute!


  16. great great great !!! i love it ! and your jewelry is gorgeous ! :D


  17. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I love love love the bag from Claire's. Gorgeous!

    ❤ Crystal Michelle