2 Ways to Wear a Printed Tank Dress

For anyone that would love to vamp up their closets for the summer with color and print, this might be fun to try if you are afraid to wear or buy that colorful tight dress!  That cute dress doesn't have to be limited for a night out only.  The colors and the fun print of this dress is what had me at hello when I first laid eyes on it.  Anyone that would see this dress on a hanger would probably think, "Hmm, it's a bit too loud" as their main initial thought.  I wouldn't wear this dress by itself unless it had another element added to it.  The element I added here was the black top.  For the most part, I try to push my creativity by thinking of more ways to wear something.  Since this dress was printed and offered plenty of color, I figured this black top can tone it down a bit to where it almost looks like a skirt.  I loved this top because the back had sheer material and draped over my shoulder enough to where you can see more of the dress.  I also tried for a more casual flat boot so it can be worn during the day.  Cute thong sandals would also be another casual way to complete the look for the summer.   

This look is for the daring and unafraid!  I would wear this option if I was going out to a nightclub and wanted to be different.  I rarely go out these days, but if I did, this would definitely be one of my top picks.  The studded biker vest allows the dress to be shown off more when worn opened, and the booties with a heel shows off more leg and edginess perfect for a night out in Vegas!  Anyhow, hope you enjoyed! XoXo
Dress * Patty's Closet NW
Black top * Ginger G
Black flat boots * Chinese Laundry
Black handbag * Kimchi Blue
Gold watch * Casio
Black leather vest * Forever 21
Booties * Tony K
For unique boutique shopping Patty's Closet is a great place to find different pieces.  I found this dress at my favorite Patty's Closet location in Vegas:
7010 N. Durango Dr. #120
Las Vegas, NV 89149


  1. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Oh my! I really love your outfit especially the dress. I also love the black boots. This was a totally hot outfit.

  2. lovely outfit. love your boots :)

  3. Okay wow, you look amazing! I love how you made two outfits out of this dress!

  4. Great and sexy outfit my dear! So lovely :)
    Pretty prints too, Angela!~
    Thanks for your message at IFB. Really appreciate it.
    Keep in touch!

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  5. I love the two way. Maybe first is more for everyday, but the second chance is perfecto for have a drink at sunset. I like this dress with boots, i dont like so much wear it with stilettos, i prefer on a rock way.

  6. Anonymous12:22 AM

    perfect spring look my darling!!
    if we do not you want to follow eachother?
    A flower parfumed kiss from ROME for you!

    I wait for you for a new MANICURE post!!

  7. Absolutely love that dress! Such an awesome print. I love both of the ways you wore it!


  8. Hey you styled that dress so well, I don't suppose there is a Patty's closet in London. I highly doubt all the best stores are in the US. Its really cool all the same. Great style I really do love the loose black blouse over it.


  9. such lovely outfits! love the first one loads!
    would you like to follow each other?
    Check out my new post at Fashion Week Australia!

  10. Lovely inspos. Looking great :) Nice blog girl. Hope to keep in touch!

    xoxo Gozika

  11. I love how you styled that gorgeous dress, Angela! The first look is my fave because I love incorporating loose tops with dresses! Well done! :)

  12. you have a great look ! i like it very much :)

    this is my blog:

    what do you think about following eachother? :)
    there is a translation button, because its german.

    xoxo and best wishes from berlin, germany

  13. I love both looks ! They're easy to do and simple but make the outfit and dress better !


  14. I love this outfit !!! I love the second one that's so me and the first one isn't me but its still sexy in a way I'd like to try !!


  15. Anonymous1:32 AM

    The dress is wonderfull!!!
    Very beautiful!!!