Had I Gone to Coachella

Each year I say to myself "Next year I'm going to Coachella."  What ends up happening when the year rolls back around?  I don't end up going.  Why?  I'll come up with reasons on why I can't go and talk myself out of it.  I guess I've never been much of a planner.  Planning events or social outings to me is like setting myself up for disappointment.  Not to take the planners down, I feel planning things out is  too much of a commitment for everyone involved.  Living in Vegas, I find that for most groups of people, it can be hard to commit to plans because there's a saturation of restaurants, nightclubs, and concerts that pull you in each and every direction.  This in turn makes it hard for a group of people to all want to do the same thing once they're on the strip in the mix of all the excitement.   I've experienced this in the past with friends locally and friends that come to visit.  The lights down on the strip will get ya with distraction every time!!  I love concerts, but for me to actually buy concert tickets is a commitment because I feel things don't always happen the way that you planned.  A lot can happen from the time that you purchased the tickets to the time of the actual concert!  My thoughts on all of this is a bit bizarre but as a fashionista maybe I'm also thinking..." Oooh with two concert tickets I can buy a couple of new outfits or a pair of awesome boots!" Funny huh?  There are so many things that happen in a day, good and bad, most of which we didn't plan at all. To me when every move is strategically planned out, I feel that I will miss out on important moments because I'll be so engulfed and stressed in making sure that "my plans" worked out that I will forget to stop and smell the roses.  A free spirit by nature, my favorite and most cherished memories are the ones where I go with what pops in my head at that moment.  Basically if I wanted to go on a hike by myself because I feel I need to get away, I'll do it.  I wanted to go skydiving and one night my old coworkers and I decided to go the next morning and we did!  There are important things in life that I have to plan out such as meetings, appts etc but to plan out my social calendar?  No thanks.  Maybe it's because I've dealt with flaky people so much in the past that it's hard for me to muster up the energy to want to make plans all together.   At this point in my life I thrive off of spontaneity.  It' a good thing and a bad thing just like anything else.

Coachella would definitely take some crazy planning especially since it's in the neighboring state of California.  Am I driving or am I flying?  What hotel am I going to stay at?  Then I would have to compare prices.  Ugh! After all that, I think, "Wow, how exhausting. Do I really want to go now?"  One of the music festivals that I have been to that is here every year now is the Electric Daisy Carnival and that was a blast!  I had a friend perform on a stage in front of a sea of people all doing the same thing just full of energy.  It was a sight to see!  On the main stage it was insane! No concert venue here in town could ever hold that many people so seeing that many people gathered for this festival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was pretty awesome!  Would I pay and plan to go again?  Probably not.  Would I go if someone gave me tickets randomly out of nowhere? Yes.  Hmm, there goes my free spirit spontaneity kicking in again...

Aside from my ramblings, it's possible I would have worn something similar to this outfit had I gone to Coachella.

Main stage at Electric Daisy Carnival 2 years ago

Bracelets * H&M
Shorts * Topshop
Tank/Belt/Flats * Forever 21


  1. Great Coachella inspired outfit. I love the flats. I'm the same way every year I say, "Coachella next year!" but I never go. I work better spontaneously too and with my schedule I never know if I will have a better opportunity for that weekend. I just work better doing stuff last minute. So.... Next year I will spontaneously go to Coachella!

  2. Would've been great to come there with that outfit!
    Happy weekend dear!

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  3. I've never even been to a festival but I would LOVE to go to one. I make the same excuses each year - including that I don't have nearly enough money to spend on a £200 ticket :(
    Your outfit is lovely. Especially the shoes!
    Hopefully you'll get to go next year :)

    PS. I have a new ootd if you want a look :)

  4. Love denim for Coachella and lots of arm party and wrist swag!!! <3 So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, your posts' contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me. Btw, I just posted my minimalist Céline resort 2013 look used for a styling shoot! Do tell me if I have successfully PROVOKED you ;)

    xx The Provoker

  5. Love, love, love the bracelets! I know, I'm dying to go to Coachella one day it will happen!

  6. WOW that stage was huge!!! You look adorable anyways ;] Love those bracelets and flats!!!

    The Parlor Girl

  7. You have wonderful blog!
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  8. Fabulous look! Cool shorts and everything in this outfit is great!
    I'm also following you:)

  9. Cool concert look! Great blog showing support from Sin City to fellow Sin City blogger. : )

  10. Love the accessorizing in this. Lovely details. Thx for dropping by. It's been a while. Hope you're doing good :)?

    xoxo Gozika