Rock that Boho

A woman always needs time spent with her girls to have good conversation and enjoy some yummy food.  This past weekend, my friends and I decided to try the Meatball Spot at Townsquare Mall.  "Top Chef" celebrity chef Carla Pelligrino is part owner of the spot along with her pals Tom Recine and Charissa Davidovici.  Celebs such as Ice T and CoCo, Mike Tyson, and Britney Spears are just a few of who have stopped in to enjoy some of the eats that the spot has to offer.   My girls and I enjoyed some sangrias, pasta and of course...meatballs!  We also shared a side of parmesan fries and those were amazing!  Townsquare Mall is a nice relaxed outdoor mall that has a movie theater, restaurants, plenty of bar hopping, shopping and people watching.  Now is the time to enjoy Townsquare before it gets too ridiculously hot out here in the desert.  I decided to rock out in a Beatles sleeveless tee that I had gotten at New Look in London while I was there last November.   I pulled a chiffon leopard cardigan over it paired with my favorite cutoff shorts I got from Zara and some turquoise.  If I had to dress a certain way every day for the rest of my life it would probably be something along the lines of mixing both rock and bohemian styles together!  The shirt may say "Beatles," but the outfit reminds me of Steven Tyler.  I love drawing inspiration from rock stars like Steven Tyler and Lenny Kravitz.  Their edge in style have always  been an influence for me.  


  1. lovely outfit! love the photos to :)

  2. Omg, love your blog <3

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  3. hey i followed you, love the cups that look like jars theyre cool.

    i just started my blog will you be my first follower x

  4. Great outfit and this food looks so delicious! I want to try it all. definitely checking this spot out next time I'm in Vegas!

  5. Love this look!! OMG :D

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  6. That boho outfit totally rocks, Angela! Hehe.
    Replied to you on IFB too. It's the same me, Chai or chenmeicai hehe.
    I just have a different avatar at IFB :)

    Happy weekend dear! Keep in touch!

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  7. I love your style very pretty :) x

  8. Great pictures! Love the blog!

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  9. love leopard print and all your arm party!!


  10. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Love this! You rock the leopard!

  11. Really love these photo´s!!!!
    And love the cardigan!!