Life's Too Short...Wear Your Party Pants

The view from inside of Hyde

The confetti isn't falling because it's New Year's Eve, instead, it's a Saturday night at Hyde Nightclub located inside the Bellagio Hotel.  The luxury hotel on the Las Vegas strip has been a staple because of the huge, gorgeous lake fountain that sits out front.  You may have remembered the fountain from the last scene in the movie Ocean's Eleven.  Hyde overlooks this fountain and is one of the newest clubs here in town.  Vegas is saturated with many nightclubs and pool parties I barely can keep track of them all!  Every time a month goes by a new billboard for a new nightclub or pool party is up.  I have grown out of the nightclub phase for the most part, but I must admit it's nice to let loose, dance and forget about worries.  In a way, that's what Vegas is have a good time and forget about any stress that may be going on in your life.  This town caters to people who are seeking that escape.  It's definitely an attraction and the millions of tourists that come each year to experience a taste of what this town has to offer would agree.  From what I've observed, there are locals that go out every single night to a bar, a club,  a restaurant, to have a drink and be social.  Some I feel try so hard to be social, be out and be seen because they are afraid to be alone and just be.  Maybe some aren't comfortable with who they are when they are alone so they seek that fulfillment by interacting with others while having a few cocktails.  It can also be a way of life for some to be out and about.  Whatever the case may be, I've been there, we've all been there.  It's nice to let go and have fun in moderation of course! As I've gotten older, I have learned that I love spending time by myself to think, create and spend time doing the things I love such as share this blog with people who enjoy reading my babbles.  If I go out, it's usually spent with friends I've known and can count on.  I can tell you one thing, there are some people who go out night after night and have been doing so for years.  They'll get dressed up from head to toe all decked out with hair and makeup right down to the new pair of uncomfortable heels.  I guess it's all part of the Vegas allure.  A person can be who they want to be.  For me, I've learned life is much more fun when I am comfortable not with just my outfit or shoes, but with who I am in my own skin.  The true me isn't out there mingling with strangers in my highest heels and shortest dress in a nightclub.  Have I worn the tight dresses? Yes.  Did I like them? No.  The truth is nobody likes them except for the perverted guys that have one thing on their minds!  In fact, there was a chick that night at the club so drunk that she had her dress almost above her head! Soooo classy! Not!  I tried to get a snapshot of it, but the lighting was too dark in the club!  I have definitely seen it all living in Vegas.  It's hard for anything to be shocking after living here.  This town can be as crazy as you want it to be.  I enjoy a quiet night in, but every now and then I realize that life's too short so you gotta wear your party pants!

Checkered suspenders and my prescription glasses.  Happy to not be dressed in a tight, short tube dress with uncomfortable high heels!

Mecca and I after singing on a show night. I've shared many fun adventures around the world with this one! She's like the baby sister I never had but wish I did!
And the confetti falls! This pic may be blurry but the moment will be forever vivid in my memory.

I figure that this song is perfect for this post.  Mecca introduced it to me and I love it! It's called "Confetti" by Tori Kelly.  Check out the link Confetti by Tori Kelly