Vintage Romance

Summer is officially here and it's hot as hell here in sin city!  I am not gonna lie, the heat makes it less motivating to get all dolled up for these shoots.  It gets so uncomfortably hot that wearing makeup makes you feel gross and that's the truth!  This dress is one of my favorites that I had gotten in a vintage store in LA a few years back.  I love this dress because it's both feminine and romantic.  Usually I'm not a fan of floral print, but this floral print was subtle enough to where it matched the style of dress so well with its empire waist and frilly v-neckline.  This dress I'll wear for an occasion where I want to stand out and not get blended in with the crowds on the Vegas strip.  Living in a place where people from around the world come and visit can be fun if you are a fashion crazed person like me.  After all, people come to Vegas with their best outfits in mind.  For big holiday weekends such as Memorial Day weekend that just passed, tons of tourists come into town and I love people watching on the blvd.  Most of that particular demographic are in the age range of 21-35 who enjoy going out to the nightclubs and all the pool parties.  Most of the styles spotted are the trends that are happening right now.  The high waisted shorts and crop tops along with the tightest shortest dresses for the evenings out.  I love the high waisted shorts and the cute dresses but everybody is dressed alike.  There's nothing truly wrong with that unless you are a person that likes to be different and unique.  A dress like this worn on the Vegas strip throughout the hotels receives so much positive compliments than the chic wearing the tightest and shortest dress that she keeps pulling down because it rides up so much.  Ok, I am not saying that this is the dress for wearing to a nightclub.  I get it, most females prefer to wear something short and sexy but in my opinion, dresses like this can be sexy.  Just because a woman is covered up more doesn't mean she isn't sexy and that's where some people don't get fashion here in this town, but I'm going to go ahead and blame it on the hot weather!    

Dress * Vintage
Peacock Necklace * Betsey Johnson
Shoes * Steve Madden


  1. Beautiful! love that this dress is vintage!

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    cute dress! xx Mady

    check out my newest post :)

  3. Gorgeous color of the dress! The bag is perfect with it too.. Love it!

  4. gorgeous pictures :) love that clutch, color is lovely!

  5. Your dress is gorgeous!!



  6. Such a pretty dress, and the clutch goes perfectly

  7. Hi honey, your blog is so cool, you've got such an amazing style and I love all of your posts! what do you think of following each other via bloglovin and gfc? let me know if you want, and I'll immidiatly follow you back :)
    kisses <3

    1. Thank you Laura! :) I checked out your blog as well

  8. Beautiful color combos for summer, good choice love.


  9. Vintage is definitely lovely and with florals, it looks best and sweet! :)
    Nice look Angela!
    Been busy lately with my work lah~ Sorry I just visited again now.
    Missed reading your posts dear! (^_^)

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  10. Thank you Chai! I def. understand being busy because that's what I've been lately so I haven't been able to post as much as I'd like. Thank you for taking the time to read :)

  11. Hello Gorgeous!

    This is such a great OOTD for the HOT vegas weather! I love your floral printed dress! The fact that it's vintage gives it a lil something extra special!

    GREAT post! :)

    xo KCN

  12. I love the jewelry you paired with that romantic dress:)

  13. It's so hot here in LA, I can't imagine what it's like out in Vegas right now! I agree, wearing makeup when it's so hot feels pointless.. It just melts off your face anyways! You still manage to look great :)