Dahhhhling Gatsby

The quality of this pic is so bad that if it were in black and white, it could pass as being taken in the twenties!

Hello dahhhhhlings! :) I usually choose to be something funny and creative for a Halloween costume, but this year I decided to shop in my own closet and see what I can pull together.  Having a last minute party to attend, I figured it's much better to shop at home than to wait in a line at a costume store.  The dress is by Guess and has sat in my closet for a few years now.  I've had the urge to give it away because I never wore it.  It reminded me of a twenties style dress so I decided to go for a Great Gatsby inspiration.  The cigarettes, holder and peacock feathers were all I had to purchase making this the most frugal costume I've put together in the history of all my Halloweens! Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! :)

Faux fur coat * vintage
Dress * Guess
Rose gold Necklace/Bracelet * Betsey Johnson
Headband * Anthropologie
Shoes * Vince Camuto

Free Falling

I'm sure that you may have read in magazines or on other blogs that it's safe to wear white after Labor Day.  I couldn't agree more. I'm a firm believer in once you know the rules, it's ok to break them!  To me there are no rules in fashion because fashion allows the person to express who they are without having to speak.  In creativity, there shouldn't be any silly rules; otherwise, how would you be able to be who you truly are?

The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and refreshing.  Styles can be worn in layers making fall my favorite time of year.  I see pumpkins at the grocery stores waiting to be carved as pumpkin spice turns into a menu option for pancakes at local breakfast restaurants.  The cozy sweaters, scarves, and jackets that sat all summer long in my wardrobe can finally be included in the decision making process of piecing an outfit together.  This time of year puts a huge smile on my face.  It isn't too hot or too cold.  It's perfect.  I love boots and I love layering.  This trapeze dress, or should I say "slip," is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe because it can be worn in so many different ways.  For a more fall and winter look, a sweater can be worn over it and the weather will determine when that will happen.  For the look pictured above, I wore a super long black tank underneath since the dress would be see through if worn alone, paired with a light scarf and boots.  This look is comfortable, boho and feminine!  Just like the leaves that fall freely to the ground from the trees, this dress is truly meant for a free spirit <3

Dress/Necklace/Ring * Freepeople
Boots * Fergalicious
Scarf * Forever 21
Bag * Brandy Melville


Happyville with Brandy Melville

I recently took a trip to California to relax and get away and one of my favorite stores that embraces the laid back casual, comfy, yet super cute Cali style is a store called Brandy Melville.  The fabrics and prints of their pieces drift me into happy land of walks along the beach with the fresh clean scent of the ocean air which allows a smile to shine through because inner bliss in that exact moment is found.  Pretty deep huh?! Ahhhhh yes! "Happiness" and "bliss" are the two words I use to describe the Brandy Melville brand.  Most of their pieces can be used to layer different looks.  Cali style is all about layering.  I'm a huge fan of layering so when it gets too hot out here in the desert I pout because I can't wear my favorite layering pieces.  The mornings and nights can get a bit chilly in Cali so a denim button down would look cute over the muscle tank or even tied around the waist to keep at hand for style.  I fell in love with these shorts when I tried them on because they are made of cotton and are super comfortable.  

Astronomy and quantum physics intrigue me so the muscle tank had me at hello.

These shorts can be worn with different boots, sandals or even dressed up in heels.  A little secret is that they are high waisted so imagine the possibilities!

I apologize that the pics aren't in best quality because of my shaky hands.  I'm horrible at taking selfies! hahaha

Orbits of the planet muscle tank and shorts * Brandy Melville
Boots * Minnetonka

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