Veterans Day Threads

The camo jacket has been a huge trend that started about a year ago, and I'm shocked at how I haven't blogged on it until now.  I must admit, I have been waiting for my dad to clean out his closet because I remember as a little girl, camo was his uniform for being in the Air Force.  I asked him last year if he had any camo left and he said he'll look.  I'm so glad I waited because he finally cleaned out his closet, and I scooped up the long awaited camo jacket from his closet a few days ago just in time to sport it for Veterans Day!  There are so many ways to sport camo while still maintaining a feminine appeal.  For the look above, I paired the jacket with a bodycon plum cotton dress, boots, dressed with a gold Casio watch and other gold accessories.  I wanted to wear a black beanie, but the jacket was a little warm and I didn't feel like sweating profusely throughout the day.  My father, a Veteran, is my hero because with the mess that's going on in the Philippines right now, I'm thankful he brought over my mom's family years ago so they may live a comfortable life here in the states.  Happy Veterans Day to all who have served in the past, present, and to the future Veterans of this world. 


  1. The camo jacket is super cute.

    ❤️Crystal Michelle

  2. Loooooove the midi dress on you!!