"Imagine there's no heaven,It's easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky, Imagine all the people, Living for today...Imagine there's no countries, It isn't hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion, too, Imagine all the people, Living life in peace, You, you may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one, I hope someday you will join us, And the world will be as one..." -Beatles.
I love the message that Beatles song carries.  It always has been one of my favorites.  This has always been one of my go to looks to rock.  A tee, ripped shorts, aztec cardigan, and boots is a nice winter outfit in the west coast. The pantyhose and knee high socks adds warmth for the nights out.  Bohemian rock is one of my favorite looks to sport.  Now if only I had more vintage tees and boots to pull this look off differently every single day....


Comfy Swag

"The weather outside is frightful..." I am warm and comfortable today since it is gloomy outside. I love my Nike airmax90 paired with these fun leggings and leather jacket by Obey. Perfect streetstyle!

Urbanized Overalls

I don't care what anyone says, I will forever love overalls! There are so many ways to wear overalls, but be sure to keep the pigtails at home in order to prevent looking like a kid.  This outfit is perfect to go bar hopping for a chill night out with friends because it's stylish and my favorite part about it is the fact that it's super comfortable!  I love pairing heels with overalls to give it more of an urbanized, chic look along with a leather jacket to stay warm.


I See Pumpkins!

This is my absolute favorite time of year! There's something about seeing pumpkins that bring a warm fuzzy feeling inside me. Perhaps it's knowing that the extremely hot summer months are over and I can start to enjoy layering my wardrobe without cringing that I would have to deal with pit stains. Yup...I know, gross but sadly true. October has been a fun and busy month for me. I can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner. There's nothing like being around family, friends, and good food that puts you to sleep!

Winds of Change

The weather is  starting to cool off and the leaves are turning as my favorite season begins, fall. Lots of good changes are happening in my life right now and I am truly grateful. Life is good. 

Sometimes you come across people in life and they're only in it for a short while perhaps to teach you lessons so that your soul can grow and evolve.  Then there are others who will forever be a part of your soul family and journey throughout this life and maybe the next.  Like the leaves that turn colors and fall to the ground, we are always changing, evolving, and growing.  Finding the right people who will embrace that journey of change with you is like finding gold.  As an artist, I embrace change.  With change comes the good because I know I need it in order to grow.  As humans, we learn to adapt and overcome.  Everyone at some point has had to overcome some kind of obstacle at some point.  No matter how hard the struggle, if you're alive today to tell the story and laugh about it, growth has been achieved and you are that much stronger today than yesterday.  So with the winds of change, it's always good to step back and realize how much you have accomplished and sometimes that's what my favorite season of fall reminds me of.  It's a time that my soul "falls" gracefully with a yearning to learn more and to grow more.   


The American Dream

Everyone has a dream.  It doesn't have to be materialistic.  In the American society, a dream often means once that house with a white picket fence and that nice luxury car is achieved, their dreams are accomplished.  Some people don't realize that once you reach that materialistic "dream" you feel empty, always wanting more and looking for the next best thing.  I know a ton of people that own nice things, but still are lonely and lost inside.  When we were young we were asked what we wanted to be when we grow up.  Some of our answers included being an astronaut, a doctor, a lawyer, etc but as we got older, we learned that maybe becoming those things weren't what we truly wanted.  I know I certainly didn't want to become a doctor or a lawyer because my personality is too eccentric and creative to be serious all the time and stuck in a routine.  Being in a routine isn't bad, but I prefer a fun healthy mix of things.  Growing up I had to figure out what would suit me best, what allowed me to express myself as I am without having to conform so much into something I wasn't.  That should be enough right?  Being an adult with responsibilities doesn't mean that it's time to stop dreaming.  To dream is to handle your responsibilities, but always do what you love no matter what.  Believe me, I've been guilty of saying, "I need to get me together and focus, therefore I won't allow myself time to do things that are enjoyable." Being the extremist that I am with the "all or nothing" attitude, as a human I had to learn how to balance the boring stuff out.... like work, school, health, sleep, with the fun stuff such as travel, music, fashion, play, and relationships.  Luckily, I do fun stuff for a living so I found things that suit me and my creativity; however, I never stop looking for more work in order to grow and evolve into the best person I can possibly be.  Those things are important to me in order to stay balanced and happy.  The American dream to me is being able to have time for all of that stuff while living comfortably doing what I love to do, and sharing that love and happiness with everyone around me.  There's no limit to what the "American Dream" is because for some people it can be as simple as putting food on the table for their family at the end of the day. What about dreams of waking up smiling, happy to be alive? To be cancer free?  In the end, the American dream comes down to an individual's own unique perspective and sometimes a little gratitude can help as a form of guidance.


Desert Music

Ahh yes....from the beautiful Santa Monica beach to the peaceful serene deserts of Vegas comes the beautiful handmade creations of Johaira Jewelry.  Not only has Johaira been a close friend of mine for more than a decade, but she is a talented, charismatic, unique individual I've known since our high school theater days together.  A free spirited inspiration for me, her pieces are all a reflection of nothing less.  Getting lost in adventures of unexplored territory and bringing groups of people together of many backgrounds have always been in her awesome nature.  Being able to see real beauty without any flaws is what makes her so special.  Being open to all possibilities is a contagious aspect of her soul, and I must say even though we may not live in the same place or talk on the phone everyday, a piece of her heart is always with me.  I too have learned to see the beauty in everything around me thanks to my wonderful soul sister .  There are never any limits to what a person can do in life.  It's not about status, money, finding the right job or career, it's about how much of an impact you can make on someone's life regardless of where you are at.  It's about making someone's day a little more special, a little more magical.  The time spent with Johaira have always been filled with so much laughter without limits of expression.  Like a glistening moonstone from the sea, her jewelry creations are only a fraction of the beauty she possesses and what she is capable of.  So go on no.... stop reading my boring rant about how awesome she is and check out her etsy shop at

We find the music in our hearts anywhere and everywhere and dance to the beat of our own drum... it's the only way to live xo

Tailor Made: Review of eShakti

It's hot and muggy during this time of year in Vegas because of the monsoon season that just passed.  I can't believe my favorite part of summer has already come and gone.   I love overcast weather.  On a brighter note, I'm happy to stay indoors (in the AC) as I got the chance to review this wonderful top that was sent to me by  When asked to review for them on any one of their products, my choice, I thought how cool that a company wants my review.  Eshakti customizes dresses, tops, and skirts just for you!  At first when I checked out their site I looked through and didn't see much of any styles that spoke to me.  More of the styles were more suited for the personality of Charlotte from "Sex and the City."  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having Charlotte's style from the hit show, it was challenging to find something closely related to my style.  Once I clicked on the boho chic tab, I sensed some relief because I found more clothing related to what I'd wear.  When I spotted this colorful geo print top it grabbed my attention and I picked it out.  I didn't know how I was going to style it until I receive it in the mail and try it on.  Eshakti was extremely helpful when communicating via email and even asked what size or any special measurements I would need which came off as a surprise as I'm used to buying XS or S off the racks.  I figured I'd order a size 2 in a top.  Usually I don't ever get anything tailor made, but I had no idea they could have customized the top based on my height too.  That was the mistake I made.  Since I'm petite, I should have given them a torso measurement because the top was kind of long on me, but I managed to make it work anyway by tucking it in a pair of denim cut offs.


I asked myself how could I make this top look good without being swallowed in it.  I'm used to the styles of the kimonos that are a huge trend right now which have that loose fit as most bohemian styles do.  However, this top wasn't a button down nor was it an open kimono so I had to find another way to wear it in relation to my style, what I would wear, and what I already possessed in my wardrobe.  I love the colors of this top since the print is subtle and not over bearing.  Made of chiffon, it's perfect for the hot weather in the desert.  Honestly,  may not be a site I would normally visit and shop online, I have nothing but good things to say especially when it comes to their overall customer service.


Desert Gold

These sandals are the greatest summer find for me yet to date! Purchased at Target, yes Target, I absolutely could not resist when I saw these cute sandals.  I feel these fit my personality well because I love the fun black and white pattern together, but it doesn't stop there! The gold details with the brown sling strap add a beautiful touch of greatness.  Usually I am not a fan of sandals because my feet tend to hurt after walking around for hours, but these bad boys held up while I strolled along the beach in Cali. From Cali to Vegas, I never had to question switching out of them even when wondering around on the Vegas strip!  For me, I'm usually a boot fanatic to where in 106 degree weather I'll sport some boots with a pair of shorts all day, but now I realized what my problem was when finding the right pair of sandals.  I'm not including flip flops in this because flip flops I usually don't have a problem with, but I can't ever categorize flip flops as sandals.  The secret to finding the right pair of sandals that your feet can endure and withstand through the test of time is to make sure they have a cushion throughout the bottom.  I've made that mistake so many times because most sandals have a rock hard bottom.  I never understood that.  Don't the makers know that people will be walking around putting their body weight on their feet therefore the shoes should have some sort of cushion?? I must say these are the BEST pair of sandals ever! Thank you Mossimo for making a wonderful stylish comfortable pair of sandals.  These sandals are truly like the gold you need in a hot desert.

This outfit reminds me of my music video that I shot a couple of months ago in the desert dunes of Nevada.  Stay tuned for that coming up soon.  I love cute casual and free summer outfits like this.  This look kind of reminds me of laid back beach style meets bohemian desert princess.  That's one thing that can't be beat... casual style and comfort.


Guy Fashion No nos

Lets get real, the blinged out denim or any denim with embellishments are dead guys! This was a trend that started in 2006 with brands ranging from True Religion, Rock & Republic, Guess to Rock and Revival.  While these brands are still standing, the embellished blinged out, thick stitched denim is out and have been for quite some time now.  Some companies refuse to let them go but will offer more updated plain pocketed denim.  For some reason I still seem to see this out and about especially when guys get dressed up for a night out.  In fact, I cringe whenever I see a denim that looks like any of these on a dude.  I get it, some guys just have no clue when it comes to fashion, but any chic around them should know that these are no longer in style and need to relay this message to their guy friends, spouse, significant other etc.  They're no longer hot anymore so please lay them to rest.  Other chics that know style may be able to relate to what I'm saying.  There are good denim at reasonable prices out there that are in style today which are more plain pocketed such as Levi's.  For a more premium denim, J Brand are a nice alternative if you want a nice and simple pair.  I also see some ladies still sporting the blinged out denim, but if you're not a rodeo woman, they shouldn't be worn at all.  If I was a rodeo chic, I still wouldn't be caught dead in them and that's just my opinion in which I'm entitled to.  They were a trend nearly 8 years ago and are no longer in style.  In fact some clothing resellers won't even take the embellished jeans to sell on their floor.  Going back to the guys wearing the blingy pants with crazy stitching, it's even more obnoxious when you pair the embellished denim with a button down shirt with 3 or more buttons unbuttoned which leads me to my next fashion no no.... 

Unless you're on a beach somewhere then that's a different story, but going out, there's no need to leave your chest hair exposed for the world to see! It's not sexy like you may think it is.  Even if you wax or shave your chest hair, their really is no need to have that many buttons unbuttoned.  If the shirt is left unbuttoned please minimize it to 2 or 3 counting the collar button.  If the shirt is unbuttoned down to where it's in between your two nipples, you have gone too far just to give you a little idea.  I remember when my best friend and I would go out, she would act as if she was flirting with the fashion culprit by looking them in the eye, striking a conversation with a smile to distract, all while buttoning up the one or two buttons! It was hilarious but classic!  In other words she was bold enough to save them from looking like fools.  
Next is the shiny black dress shoes worn with denim.  We all know that the nightclub said no sneakers but that doesn't mean go find the first pair of dress shoes you ever owned and throw them on with a pair of denim jeans!  There are other shoes that aren't shiny and black or white sneakers that can be acceptable and stylish.  Also the white socks and sandals must go.  I don't care if you are running to the grocery store, socks and sandals don't go together.  First off, white mid calf socks have been so outdated since I can't even remember. When you pair white socks with sandals or sneakers and then wear shorts to show that off....come on that's just plain hideous.  Ankle socks that don't show is the way to go if you are wearing shorts unless you are purposely wanting to show off some fun colorful socks in a bold fashion attempt.  
So ladies if you happen to see any of these being sported by guys you may know, it should be in your duty to let them know because most guys are clueless when it comes to fashion and that's alright.  For the guys that have read this entire post, hopefully I offered a little insight to what's not hot.