Edee J. Earrings

I was absolutely delighted to pick out a pair of earrings from Edith Johnson's collection of hoop earrings.  It's always fun to receive stuff in the mail!  I picked out this design because I'm a sucker for turquoise on my accessories.  I wore them with a casual outfit and can't wait to wear them with my hair in a side braid paired with a simple summer dress once the weather warms up.  Thank you Edith! 

For more of her designs visit her website at


Sneaker Paint

It's officially 2014 a brand new year!  It's been awhile since I last blogged because the holidays werecrazy for me.  I wasn't prepared for them to come so fast, but I must say that I am happy they are overwith!  I have no idea what the new year will bring, but I am hoping it is filled with good health, happiness, love and of course plenty of fashion and music!  
These wedge sneakers were originally all black.  I had a love hate relationship with wedge sneakers when they first came out because I know they're just a trend and just like any other trend they will soon die off.  Although I got a great deal on these Vera Wang sneakers so I decided to go for it.  I wanted them to have a white bottom so I found white leather paint that I ordered online by KingofSneakers and painted the rubber bottom trim white.  Considering I like to paint, it was a fun and really easy to do project.  I like my wedge sneakers much better now!  
The new year makes me a little anxious and nervous.  I have no idea why!  All I know is that thinking about it makes me make this face!  May you all have a wonderful new year!

Sweater * JC fits
Necklace * TopShop
Sneakers * Vera Wang
Beanie * H&M