Spring it On

My allergies are starting to creep up on me which can only mean spring is right around the corner.  Winter was pretty short in Vegas this year.  During the past two weeks I've been enjoying temperatures of the mid seventies which is perfect for these seventies inspired bohemian pants.  As flowers start to bloom, floral prints begin to spring up on racks around some of my favorite stores.  I'm not much of a floral or bright, pastel person unless it's done tastefully.  These pants grabbed my attention and once I tried them on I was completely sold. The light cotton fabric is perfect for lounging, grabbing lunch with the girls or if paired with sandals, taking the dog to the park.  I've been waiting all winter long to wear these pants and now that the weather is perfect, they are on my list of favorites to grab when I need a quick, fun, and fashionable look.  Goodbye winter, it's time to spring it on!