Let Loose

I've been juggling both my two loves in life, fashion and music and while it can feel a bit much at times,  it's definitely nothing I can't handle.  I guess I can be hard on myself to the point where I can drive myself crazy.  I guess I'm at that point in my life where I begin to continuously ask myself "Is this the life I envisioned when I was younger?  Am I on the right path? Am I truly happy? I can go on a tangent of pros and cons of where I'm at in life but so can everybody else.  Therefore, I won't do that.  I'm not gonna lie, I do go into modes where I'll beat myself up about a lot of things.  I guess I'm constantly trying to out do what I have done in the past.  I guess it's not a bad thing.  Growth is what we are all here for, right?
We were put on this earth to interact with others, obtain experiences and have somewhat of a social life. Throughout the past couple of years I feel like I've suppressed the side of me that yearns for new adventures and excitement.  I'll develop excuses as to why I shouldn't try something I've always wanted to try because I feel I should be at a certain point or end result before being able to enjoy those things.  That's no way to live! I wasn't kidding about the part of being hard on myself.   I know I'm not the type that likes to stay cooped up in an office all day sitting in front of the computer.  I love to be out and about interacting with others and enjoying new experiences.  I guess I haven't really had much of a balance lately while working on the things that make me happy.  There's definitely a fine line to making sure the life you have has balance.  Too much of anything is a bad thing no matter how great it may be.  Having gratitude for the little things in life can be success, otherwise happiness may not ever be achieved.  In the end, it's about the journey so it's important to let go and let loose!


Urbanized Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans have been a hot trend for awhile now. They are comfortable and chic at the same time so I can see why.  It's not always a comfy option to wear skinny jeans while out and about, and boyfriend jeans are another option that can be worn aside from the usual sweat pants.  A plain tank/tee can be worn with them along with your favorite heels.  I personally love a heel or pump to be worn with boyfriend jeans, otherwise I feel the look isn't put together and the person ends up looking like a slob. I believe there's a fine line between looking like a slob and looking chic and stylish in boyfriend jeans.  There really is no right or wrong way to rock the boyfriend jeans. The wearer is to simply just feel comfortable and stylish.  The key factor is to simply do you. 
I decided to go with a funky urban edge when styling my boyfriend jeans. I've definitely done the plain tank and sandals with them during the hot summer months, so I decided to go the opposite route and have fun with it.  


Camo: To Blend In or Stand Out

Camoflauge has always been one of my favorite prints. Perhaps it reminds me of someone I always looked up to when I was little, my dad.  My dad would come home from work in his camo as it gave me a sense of peace and security.  I believe that's the relation I've acquired from seeing camo and why I've always been so drawn to it.  The print isn't just worn for military purposes anymore, instead it offers an edgy appeal to the fashion foward.  
The original purpose of camoflauge was to conceal and make objects hard to see or disguise them as something else. There are different forms of camo print that can be worn in military depending on the environment. Certain animals, such as chameleons, are capable of changing their skin patterns and colors as camoflauge.  Most of the human population choose to blend in with their surroundings when it comes to choosing what to wear.  It could be because of a job, their mood or because they don't care to allow their personalities to shine and be free.  I usually pick an outfit based on how I feel, where I'm going, or what I will be doing.  I have to admit I'm often drawn to different looks, patterns, colors etc. I'm not one who likes to "blend" with the general population. That's too easy and boring. I've always been different and creative.  Vegas has always been my home, but I feel it isn't the place for the unique, vibrant, creative culture to thrive.  I feel most try so hard to blend out here suppressing how they really want to be which leads to a lot of unhappy depressed people.  Even I've been guilty of it at one point or another.  Perhaps it's the corporate codes that people have to abide by so much in this town.  I'm everything but corporate.  I've played so many roles in this town, I should be an actress at this point.  Most people that's lived here for awhile can also agree. We've all played roles we don't want to play but have to in order to make ends meet.  We all have to "blend."  Is anyone truly happy by doing so?
The many types of street styles that is available now, one can choose to blend in or standout.  Camo in fashion today isn't meant to blend in with surroundings, it is worn to stand out as a statement.  It offers the perfect street chic look if worn properly paired with the right pieces. There are definitely different ways to wear camo, but I decided to dress it up to give it a more chic, put together look.