Free as I Wanna Be

Sometimes you have to let go of the people, places, and things that no longer serve you.  We all hold onto so many things to the point where it prevents us from living our full potential and a life filled with peace.  It's interesting how you think you've known someone for years and they turn around and run the opposite direction when you needed them most.  Unfortunately, I have let resentment build over the past year toward someone whom I thought was a close friend.  I've tried to make the relationship work with this person, being that I knew them half my life, but they never tried to make an effort to meet in person and to make things better.  Falling outs are no fun and it sucks when they happen especially when it involves nothing all that serious to begin with.  It's amazing how you can know someone half your life and while you were there for them through their trials they were nowhere to be found when you were going through yours.  Instead, they run in a foolish attempt to avoid any potential conflict when they truly didn't realize that it only made the situation worse.  I may be alive right now, but to them I might as well have been dead for awhile.  It came to the point where I felt I didn't even know this person anymore.  It's interesting how life puts people or events in your life for a period of time, some longer than others.  We all are here for a limited amount of time so if you truly care about someone, you should make an attempt to want to be in that person's life instead of avoid them all together.  In a nutshell, no need to waste your time with people who leave you with hurt or resentment inside either.  A life isn't great unless you can move on from feeling those things and let go.  I've noticed once you free yourself from anymore potential hurt, more space is made available so amazing things can happen.  It's time I deserve a life to be as free as I wanna be and I expect nothing less than exactly that.

Syrup on my Pancakes

While I do love pancakes, I had to hold back on eating them for awhile so I could feel good about myself in Syrup.  I'm not talking about the ooey gooey sweet stuff that you pour over pancakes, I am introducing something even sweeter yet sexy, Syrup Swimwear!  When asked by designer Aaron Fust to model for Syrup, I took it on as a challenge to work a little harder on my workouts and diet so I can feel comfortable in a swimsuit. A few years ago I wore his bikini as uniform while working at one of the local popular day clubs.  It's been a few years since I walked around publicly in a bikini; therefore, I was honored to model the line when approached by Aaron. 

After traveling to the Mediterranean Sea among other European beach fronts including South America, back in 2003, Aaron Fust was inspired by the luxe beach lifestyle abroad.  Pool parties and oceanfront clubs was a huge part of the lifestyle while he discovered a similar culture starting to emerge in the U.S. At the request of his female friends, Fust started Syrup in 2005 to meet the new demand of the party-perfect statement swimwear. 

The standard of the label is maintained today with nickel and led-free jewelry grade hardware, fine fabrics and trims with a fit that's worked and reworked to perfection.  Small batches of the designs are made at a time so the consumer won't ever have to worry about having a piece similar to another at the pool or beach party.  Syrup Swimwear is making a name for itself with today's it girls and trendsetters since the line can be found in high-end resorts along the west coast, and available in the Bikini.com shop. 

Wanting a word that reflects both feminine and sexy, Aaron Fust says, "Every girl likes the sweetness of Syrup and like every woman, the name Syrup has a little sexy side to it.  The Syrup girl has a well-developed sense of style and fashion and appreciates paying for quality and value.  She always wants to look her very best in a bikini whether she is going for runway glam or a simple understated look."
On asked which swim trend is his favorite of 2014, Aaron explains, "I think the American consumer is starting to figure out that smaller cuts are slimming.  Europe and South America figured out a long time ago that smaller cuts aren't more revealing but are like wearing black. Somehow they create a slimming effect." 

Since Aaron Fust described that the Syrup girl has a well developed sense of style and fashion, it makes sense why I've always been a fan of the line since my hard working pool days in the sun.  Pool season is here so why not get sweetly drizzled in Syrup Swimwear!

Visit www.syrupswimwear.com to shop!

Cropped in Overalls

Overalls were first introduced in the 1700s and worn as protective clothing while working.  All over America in modern times, painters, farmers, locomotive engineers, carpenters, trade workers among other tradesmen and workmen wear bib overalls as protective overgarments.  In the 1960s different colors and patterns were introduced as both sexes wore them with one strap unfastened.  Ever since then overalls have grown to be a fashion trend and were again brought back in the 1990s mostly by females.  
Fast forward to the present day, overalls have been a hot trend for the past year now from shorts to the full length skinny leg trousers paired with heels.  I've seen skirt overalls around too, but weren't as popular.  Black leather overalls were seen in many mainstream stores as the trend had a peak this past winter.  I'm glad that overalls made a comeback because they are another piece that can be both stylish, casual, and comfortable.  I am in love with these overalls from Zara and couldn't resist when I saw them!  The weather is starting to warm up and I had fun mixing this black and white striped crop top with them. They are perfect for a casual day and the look can be switched by changing the shoes with any flat, sandal or boot.  

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Spring, a season where nature gives us the blessed opportunity to witness beauty in the flowers that surround us as they begin to blossom.  The desert notifies us humans that spring has arrived thanks to the tingle in our noses and constant sneezing since there isn't enough moisture in the air to keep the pollen simmered down.  Both spring and fall are my favorite seasons because of the variety of layers and pieces that can come into play when styling an outfit.  During this time of year, I don't have to think twice if I wanted to wear a light scarf with a tank since the weather isn't crazy hot yet.  This time of year also allows me to explore the great outdoors on a nice hike or enjoy a day at a park without having concerns of if it's too hot or too cold. 
I love adventure especially when it comes to nature.  I'm in love with trees because I don't get enough of them in the desert.  I'm glad I got to experience Zion National Park a couple weeks ago.  It was very much needed.  Lush greenery has a way of feeding my soul exactly what it craves. Every now and then it's nice to escape and wander away from the noise of everyday life.  Nature is where I come alive and discover pieces of myself that can get buried from the mundane routine of everyday life.  Every now and then it's refreshing to allow the spirit to wander into unfamiliar territory.  Not all who wander are lost sometimes it can be where you find yourself again.