Fade into Route 66

U.S. Route 66 (US 66 or Route 66), also known as the Will Rogers Highway and colloquially known as the Main Street of America or the Mother Road, was one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System. Route 66 was established on November 11, 1926—with road signs erected the following year. The highway, which became one of the most famous roads in America, originally ran from Chicago, Illinois, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona before ending at Santa Monica, California covering a total of 2,448 miles (3,940 km). It was recognized in popular culture by both the hit song "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66" and the Route 66 television show in the 1960s. -Wikipedia

So I copied and pasted from Wikipedia to share that piece of tidbit with you... plagiarism? No. I gave credit right at the very end! I was a bit lazy to "paraphrase" in my own words.  Besides, Wikipedia says it better than I could! Anyhow, this top by Truly Madly Deeply is one of my favorite go to tees lately because of how it's cut.  After purchasing this tee a couple months ago off the sale racks at Urban Outfitters, I realized how easy it would be to cut any old t-shirt just like it.  The cut gives it more of an edge that doesn't make it look like a plain old tee anymore.  Instead, it can look chic with a long skirt or jeans/shorts for a more relaxed stylish look.  I decided to go with a boho hipster feel when putting this look together.  The weather is starting to warm up to where the hat and boots will eventually be too hot to sport in the 100 degree weather that's starting to approach.  One of my favorite looks to pull off is a comfy, worn in, rocker tee that can be dressed both up and down.  Guess you could say it's very L.A. chic which is why I heart it. 


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  2. Such a cute look !
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  3. Love this look! It's perfect for summer!