Guy Fashion No nos

Lets get real, the blinged out denim or any denim with embellishments are dead guys! This was a trend that started in 2006 with brands ranging from True Religion, Rock & Republic, Guess to Rock and Revival.  While these brands are still standing, the embellished blinged out, thick stitched denim is out and have been for quite some time now.  Some companies refuse to let them go but will offer more updated plain pocketed denim.  For some reason I still seem to see this out and about especially when guys get dressed up for a night out.  In fact, I cringe whenever I see a denim that looks like any of these on a dude.  I get it, some guys just have no clue when it comes to fashion, but any chic around them should know that these are no longer in style and need to relay this message to their guy friends, spouse, significant other etc.  They're no longer hot anymore so please lay them to rest.  Other chics that know style may be able to relate to what I'm saying.  There are good denim at reasonable prices out there that are in style today which are more plain pocketed such as Levi's.  For a more premium denim, J Brand are a nice alternative if you want a nice and simple pair.  I also see some ladies still sporting the blinged out denim, but if you're not a rodeo woman, they shouldn't be worn at all.  If I was a rodeo chic, I still wouldn't be caught dead in them and that's just my opinion in which I'm entitled to.  They were a trend nearly 8 years ago and are no longer in style.  In fact some clothing resellers won't even take the embellished jeans to sell on their floor.  Going back to the guys wearing the blingy pants with crazy stitching, it's even more obnoxious when you pair the embellished denim with a button down shirt with 3 or more buttons unbuttoned which leads me to my next fashion no no.... 

Unless you're on a beach somewhere then that's a different story, but going out, there's no need to leave your chest hair exposed for the world to see! It's not sexy like you may think it is.  Even if you wax or shave your chest hair, their really is no need to have that many buttons unbuttoned.  If the shirt is left unbuttoned please minimize it to 2 or 3 counting the collar button.  If the shirt is unbuttoned down to where it's in between your two nipples, you have gone too far just to give you a little idea.  I remember when my best friend and I would go out, she would act as if she was flirting with the fashion culprit by looking them in the eye, striking a conversation with a smile to distract, all while buttoning up the one or two buttons! It was hilarious but classic!  In other words she was bold enough to save them from looking like fools.  
Next is the shiny black dress shoes worn with denim.  We all know that the nightclub said no sneakers but that doesn't mean go find the first pair of dress shoes you ever owned and throw them on with a pair of denim jeans!  There are other shoes that aren't shiny and black or white sneakers that can be acceptable and stylish.  Also the white socks and sandals must go.  I don't care if you are running to the grocery store, socks and sandals don't go together.  First off, white mid calf socks have been so outdated since I can't even remember. When you pair white socks with sandals or sneakers and then wear shorts to show that off....come on that's just plain hideous.  Ankle socks that don't show is the way to go if you are wearing shorts unless you are purposely wanting to show off some fun colorful socks in a bold fashion attempt.  
So ladies if you happen to see any of these being sported by guys you may know, it should be in your duty to let them know because most guys are clueless when it comes to fashion and that's alright.  For the guys that have read this entire post, hopefully I offered a little insight to what's not hot.


  1. I'm dying of laughter !

  2. Ha! This gets two thumbs up from me. I totally agree!