Desert Gold

These sandals are the greatest summer find for me yet to date! Purchased at Target, yes Target, I absolutely could not resist when I saw these cute sandals.  I feel these fit my personality well because I love the fun black and white pattern together, but it doesn't stop there! The gold details with the brown sling strap add a beautiful touch of greatness.  Usually I am not a fan of sandals because my feet tend to hurt after walking around for hours, but these bad boys held up while I strolled along the beach in Cali. From Cali to Vegas, I never had to question switching out of them even when wondering around on the Vegas strip!  For me, I'm usually a boot fanatic to where in 106 degree weather I'll sport some boots with a pair of shorts all day, but now I realized what my problem was when finding the right pair of sandals.  I'm not including flip flops in this because flip flops I usually don't have a problem with, but I can't ever categorize flip flops as sandals.  The secret to finding the right pair of sandals that your feet can endure and withstand through the test of time is to make sure they have a cushion throughout the bottom.  I've made that mistake so many times because most sandals have a rock hard bottom.  I never understood that.  Don't the makers know that people will be walking around putting their body weight on their feet therefore the shoes should have some sort of cushion?? I must say these are the BEST pair of sandals ever! Thank you Mossimo for making a wonderful stylish comfortable pair of sandals.  These sandals are truly like the gold you need in a hot desert.

This outfit reminds me of my music video that I shot a couple of months ago in the desert dunes of Nevada.  Stay tuned for that coming up soon.  I love cute casual and free summer outfits like this.  This look kind of reminds me of laid back beach style meets bohemian desert princess.  That's one thing that can't be beat... casual style and comfort.


  1. wow,love that outfit!
    casual ,awesome and perfect nice look
    have a beauty time and keep in touch

    your lovely Poppy:

  2. Cute sandals! Love that top too!


  3. Love the look, especially the accessories !


  4. Those sandals are wonderful, what a great find!

  5. Love the top and sandals xxxx
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  6. Awesome style! Nice ideas to try out too ;)