Desert Music

Ahh yes....from the beautiful Santa Monica beach to the peaceful serene deserts of Vegas comes the beautiful handmade creations of Johaira Jewelry.  Not only has Johaira been a close friend of mine for more than a decade, but she is a talented, charismatic, unique individual I've known since our high school theater days together.  A free spirited inspiration for me, her pieces are all a reflection of nothing less.  Getting lost in adventures of unexplored territory and bringing groups of people together of many backgrounds have always been in her awesome nature.  Being able to see real beauty without any flaws is what makes her so special.  Being open to all possibilities is a contagious aspect of her soul, and I must say even though we may not live in the same place or talk on the phone everyday, a piece of her heart is always with me.  I too have learned to see the beauty in everything around me thanks to my wonderful soul sister .  There are never any limits to what a person can do in life.  It's not about status, money, finding the right job or career, it's about how much of an impact you can make on someone's life regardless of where you are at.  It's about making someone's day a little more special, a little more magical.  The time spent with Johaira have always been filled with so much laughter without limits of expression.  Like a glistening moonstone from the sea, her jewelry creations are only a fraction of the beauty she possesses and what she is capable of.  So go on no.... stop reading my boring rant about how awesome she is and check out her etsy shop at

We find the music in our hearts anywhere and everywhere and dance to the beat of our own drum... it's the only way to live xo

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