The American Dream

Everyone has a dream.  It doesn't have to be materialistic.  In the American society, a dream often means once that house with a white picket fence and that nice luxury car is achieved, their dreams are accomplished.  Some people don't realize that once you reach that materialistic "dream" you feel empty, always wanting more and looking for the next best thing.  I know a ton of people that own nice things, but still are lonely and lost inside.  When we were young we were asked what we wanted to be when we grow up.  Some of our answers included being an astronaut, a doctor, a lawyer, etc but as we got older, we learned that maybe becoming those things weren't what we truly wanted.  I know I certainly didn't want to become a doctor or a lawyer because my personality is too eccentric and creative to be serious all the time and stuck in a routine.  Being in a routine isn't bad, but I prefer a fun healthy mix of things.  Growing up I had to figure out what would suit me best, what allowed me to express myself as I am without having to conform so much into something I wasn't.  That should be enough right?  Being an adult with responsibilities doesn't mean that it's time to stop dreaming.  To dream is to handle your responsibilities, but always do what you love no matter what.  Believe me, I've been guilty of saying, "I need to get me together and focus, therefore I won't allow myself time to do things that are enjoyable." Being the extremist that I am with the "all or nothing" attitude, as a human I had to learn how to balance the boring stuff out.... like work, school, health, sleep, with the fun stuff such as travel, music, fashion, play, and relationships.  Luckily, I do fun stuff for a living so I found things that suit me and my creativity; however, I never stop looking for more work in order to grow and evolve into the best person I can possibly be.  Those things are important to me in order to stay balanced and happy.  The American dream to me is being able to have time for all of that stuff while living comfortably doing what I love to do, and sharing that love and happiness with everyone around me.  There's no limit to what the "American Dream" is because for some people it can be as simple as putting food on the table for their family at the end of the day. What about dreams of waking up smiling, happy to be alive? To be cancer free?  In the end, the American dream comes down to an individual's own unique perspective and sometimes a little gratitude can help as a form of guidance.


  1. You look great, sporty and chic

  2. Love your head scarf! My dream is definitely to live life to the fullest!

  3. Gorgeous photos. Agree with what you said, everyone has a different view on the "American Dream." Definitely have to make sure to enjoy life though and have fun. Not enough people follow what you say. Then life passes them by and they wonder "what happened?" Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Hope everything is going great with you.


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    you look gorgeous! Love your top :)
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