Winds of Change

The weather is  starting to cool off and the leaves are turning as my favorite season begins, fall. Lots of good changes are happening in my life right now and I am truly grateful. Life is good. 

Sometimes you come across people in life and they're only in it for a short while perhaps to teach you lessons so that your soul can grow and evolve.  Then there are others who will forever be a part of your soul family and journey throughout this life and maybe the next.  Like the leaves that turn colors and fall to the ground, we are always changing, evolving, and growing.  Finding the right people who will embrace that journey of change with you is like finding gold.  As an artist, I embrace change.  With change comes the good because I know I need it in order to grow.  As humans, we learn to adapt and overcome.  Everyone at some point has had to overcome some kind of obstacle at some point.  No matter how hard the struggle, if you're alive today to tell the story and laugh about it, growth has been achieved and you are that much stronger today than yesterday.  So with the winds of change, it's always good to step back and realize how much you have accomplished and sometimes that's what my favorite season of fall reminds me of.  It's a time that my soul "falls" gracefully with a yearning to learn more and to grow more.   


  1. Great pictures and wonderful inspiration. I think we all have experienced and appreciate your point of view. Thanks for sharing.

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