Natural Life

The winter has already faded, the jackets are no longer necessary and the days are gradually changing minute by minute.  The days are no longer as short as December, and I am enjoying every minute of it.  Warmer weather brings me back to life all over again.  Born on an island, it's almost as if my inner soul realizes the warm weather is where my spirit resonates. During the day, the warmth of the sun kisses my face and an overwhelming sense of gratitude cleanses my mind.  With this sense, I come alive.  The feeling allows me to recognize once again that all things are possible.  No matter how far away a goal or a dream may be, every success started with a dream once dream t.  Visions come to mind and for some, they sit, but every moment of warmth and sunlight for me is heaven that allows me to keep trekking along.  Possibilities awaken because it is nature that teaches the obedient observer.  Butterflies aren't naturally born with wings, they undergo the cocoon process and once spring comes around they blossom like a flower and fly wherever their hearts desire!  I believe we are all connected to the earth no matter how hard we try to fight it with materialism, "the busy" life, the routine, the robotic ways of life that society tells us how we should look, act, and feel.  Those vices only have us hating ourselves more and more each day keeping us farther away from who we truly want to be and love.  Sometimes a little extra space needs to be created in order for pure thoughts to run wild and free.  With this liberating feeling, we find ourselves again like the innocent child's eyes we once viewed the world through.  Each moment is all part of the learning and growing process.  There is no prize at the end, it isn't a race, it's a challenge we all struggle to deal with that inner voice that talks toxic to us and tells us things that keep us from living a happy life and being the best version of ourselves.  It's you, it's me, it's everyone on this planet.  No one is out to get anyone.  Everyone has personal battles and demons to be dealt with so it's important to align ourselves and respect the beauty of nature because the answers are all there, we just have to pay more close attention because it shows us everyday.

I am thankful the winters aren't as long here in sunny Vegas.  I recently just got back a couple weeks ago from the UK where it was freezing cold! The visit was 10 days of doing what I love so it was alright even though it was all business.  I don't get to truly be who I am on stage when I do these shows, but I have to stop and think of the days when I wished I could be singing on a stage every week.  Here I am now, 6 years later, healthy and able to do what I love.  It all happened without force.  To some people, I have a really laid back approach to life where it can drive a hustler crazy just thinking about it.  Ever since I was a little girl, I always felt that dreams happen in their own time, and the only job we are made to take to achieve those dreams are the baby steps that keep our spirits happy to work towards it.  Playing is the equivalent of doing because when fun is incorporated, it automatically aligns our spirit in the exact frequencies of where we exactly wish to be attracting all that we desire.

Top: Daydreamer LA
Shorts: Live Happy by Natural Life
Cardigan: Staring at Stars
Boots: Minnetonka
Sunglasses: Freepeople
Fishtail Necklace (handmade): Johaira Jewelry


  1. Beautiful article! Prepares my spirit for spring! The headpiece and necklace look gorgeous on you!! Thank you being the perfect reflection of what #JohairaJewelry embodies!

  2. Gorgeous photos, it looks so warm and sunny! That's awesome that you got to travel to the UK recently! Especially if it was doing your passion, then it doesn't feel like work.


  3. Guapa :)