Do You...Just Do it

Perhaps you are thinking this is another Nike ad campaign or maybe just thinking "hmm...crazy girl jumping around in downtown Vegas,” either way the message is all relative.  I remember receiving a copy of Russell Simmons book "Do You," from a high school friend who always encouraged me to be myself and do me.  The fact of the matter is we all second guess ourselves from time to time to live up to being who we individually are.  Society has zapped us so much into thinking that we should dress a certain way and act a certain way like the majority.  While all of the standard morals are "ok," in the process of being brainwashed, have we forgotten who we really are?  Think back to that time in life when your eyes were truly wide open, you embraced things and were full of life.  You were a child and doing what you loved is all you would do because you had no worries without the stresses to make ends meet.  Free as a bird, filled with nothing but love in your heart because every day you were doing what you loved.  You played.  Things weren't so serious.  Your mind wasn't filled with so much stress to where you can't even hear your own self think.  We drove our minds to play instead of driving our minds crazy into an anxious downward spiral.  No one is truly an enemy.  Our minds are our own enemies first.  The world can tell us so much about ourselves to where we forget who we really are.  So it's important we get our minds right.  I know I'm not the person who likes to be road raging because I have to get to the bank in order to pay the bills that I'm already late on paying or the person who is in a constant rush home from work because they have to make sure dinner is on the table for the family.  The fact of the matter is life is hard, but it can still be enjoyable as long as we make space and time for what we love.  Our passions don't necessarily have to make us money even though it's always a bonus if they do.  The drive of staying true to ourselves will make us feel better and feel good about life which in turn will make us happier more pleasant individuals when dealing with all the stress related stuff.  I feel as if I relayed this message to myself over and over again for years.

It takes extreme discipline to do what we love. I know I've struggled with it the past few months  because I get so caught up in stress that I have rewire my brain how to think.  I've always loved fashion, music, art and writing which is why 2 years ago I decided to start my blog "FashSinCity," fashion and lifestyle from sin city Vegas.  If I don't create something then I die.  I shut off and I become this person that is difficult to be around because when I'm not creating, I'm not me.  Therefore, I decided to make a focus list of doing the things I love on a daily basis that allows my soul to shine a little.  Life will always try to stray us away from doing what we love but doing what we love is being our authentic selves.  Being you without comparing yourself to others will deflect any negativity that has been going on inside.  Allowing the spirit to shine regardless of judgment is what we all should be practicing every day. It's what we did as a child so why can't we remember it as adults? Is it the ego that gets in the way? The work starts from inside.  Do you and the rest falls into place.  Like that song's lyrics, "This 'lil light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine..."  

Known all over the world, Nike couldn't have been more on point in their slogan in saying "Just Do it."  On my off days when I want to be comfortable as I do errands, I will throw on some Nikes and get stuff done.  If I'm not headed to the gym, I'll sport my Nike Airmax 90 and incorporate it into a street look.  I know I'm on the right track when I can say that I'm comfortable in whatever outfit choice I chose for the day no matter how stylish or casual it may be.  There's a time and place for every type of look but whatever look it may be, it still has to be you.  We all have different body types and what works and looks well on somebody else doesn't always mean it's going to look right on you.  That's why I love fashion.  Fashion is a form of self expression and art.  If you have to wear a suit everyday to work add your own flair that's unique to you.  Color, Socks, ties, and watches can all play a role in how you want people to perceive you.  Let that personality out!  The important thing is no matter how serious your lifestyle may be, allow yourself to breathe a little by asking yourself how can I let a little bit of me shine through in this fit?  Accessories are a good way to add life to any plain casual style.  It's my favorite way to be subtle and say this is me.  I love hats and sunglasses because for me it's a fun way to be a little unique without having to break the wallet if I must buy something.  Plus, accessories can be worn and paired with other outfits, unlike the printed colored dress bought to where you wear it again while people notice instantly.

Lately, I've been more focused on doing the things that I love on a daily basis so I don't lose myself in the madness of life stresses.  Doing this allows me to be happier and free as it acts as a positive distraction.  I've learned to have just a handful of friends that I can trust whom I know who will be there for me no matter what.  I've surrounded myself with individuals and professionals who empower me and serve as a source for inspiration.  Satisfying my thirst for inspiration to create something beautiful in both fashion and music are the loves of my life which in turn allows my soul to be free.  I sing dance, write, style, take hikes, and practice yoga and sometimes I jump around just because I feel like it.  In the end, I do what's right for me. When you do you, the world adjusts to your song and you in turn can become the inspiration for someone else.  Be you, do you and most importantly just do it.

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  1. Inspiring words. Adding this to a long list of blog/social media posts nudging me to get off my butt and just go after what I want from life. Oh and I love your jumping Nike photos. They are as uplifting as the post!