Bead Relief

Bead relief creates jewelry that helps non-profits raise awareness and donations for their cause. The philosophy of Bead Relief makes it possible for people to make a difference while striving to spread awareness by wearing their charity and feeling good about it!  The bracelets are handmade and support artisans.  The goal is to be the solution for charities and to spread the message when someone is wearing their charity.  Twenty five percent of each sale will go to the profit of choice.  I would love to become a brand ambassador for Bead Relief.  Here in Las Vegas, there is a community.  Aside from the glitz and glam of the twinkling lights of the strip, stands a community that I would like to actually get more involved with on other aspects.  It would be great to spread awareness with local nonprofits using Bead Relief and if not with Bead Relief then through something similar.  I love what this company has created.  For more information visit

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