Heart of DTLV

Love, it's what makes the world go round, right? I've always enjoyed artistic street styles in both music and fashion.  My soul feeds off the vibes of the major metropolis cities around the world where cultures stand united and eclectic styles grace concrete jungles.  One of my favorite art pieces in downtown Vegas is a metal caged heart with tons of locks attached signed by people from the first ever Life is Beautiful festival in downtown Vegas.  Right before entering Container Park on Fremont street, this cool piece of art has become the heart of downtown Vegas... no pun intended.  I believe art and beauty can be found anywhere.  For some, beauty is hard to see in downtown aspects of cities. Much like the boardwalk in Venice Beach, California, seeing a bunch of weirdos dress up in strange costumes isn't a cup of tea for everyone, but for me, I feel more alive in strange scenes such as that.  Perhaps deep down I'm just a strange person trying to feel not so strange?  Either way, I absolutely love the madness that downtown brings.  The art, the music, the fashion, and the culture are all a reflection of my crazy free spirited soul which makes the cool bars, venues, and restaurants my kind of zone.  Don't get me wrong, I love the strip, but I usually prefer the artistic eclectic hearts of downtown.

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