Street Symphony

Music will always be my first love.  Being the closest thing to my soul, I have no idea why I run from it sometimes.  The emotions that surface when I sing certain songs that pull me deep into the abyss of my subconscious might be why I tend to run.  Certain notes resonate on a higher frequency and I feel as if all of this we go through is only temporary.  In my gut I know there are other dimensions where spirits that we are familiar with who we've known and have known even long before we were born, communicate to our souls through the frequencies of music by allowing certain artists to share those gifts with this world in this lifetime.  Am I weird for thinking this?  Possibly.  I can be having the best day ever, but if I start singing along to certain sad songs I'll break down in tears out of nowhere because I'll feel the music that much.  Perhaps that's why we can all connect with music because it allows us to feel on a deeper level.  I can be driving in my car somewhere getting ready to do something fun and I'll sing a slow ballad, and boom, tears down my face.  I feel crazy sometimes that it happens but it's also therapeutic to me.  I guess I'm just a strange one. They say "Music is what feelings sound like." Growing up all I ever sang were slow ballads and sometimes I'd be drawn to gospel music.  I'll sing along to the most depressing songs ever created by awesome artists yet I've always genuinely been a happy person.  In most instances, I tend to be a goofball who loves to make people laugh while being my loud and crazy self!  Why have I always enjoyed the saddest songs beats the heck out of me!  It's bizarre to me that those depressing tunes are what I love to sing.  For the longest time I would try to write the saddest songs and no words will surface on paper to express "sad emotions."  Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty of sad stuff happen to me and I have had some blue days, but when I try to make sense of those emotions, I bore myself.   Music is a source that allows us to feel even more connected to one another and that's what I want to establish in each piece of music I write and sing.  Perhaps the goosebumps I get from creating and singing freaks me out sometimes, but is that my human sign in the physical that it's what I should be doing?  I believe it's what I should be doing for my own personal growth and it goes beyond the point of "making it." The frequencies in music I believe surpasses through to other realms.  I know most musicians and artists can relate.  I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and music takes us there.  I've realized the only way for me to be "successful" is to follow my own impulses and to let the magic of music reveal itself to me.  In the end, the goosebumps and tears must be confirmation of my soul saying to let go and let the street symphony of life take over so I can leave a piece of me behind to be remembered when I am gone.


  1. i love your hair
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  2. I completely agree with you. Music has the power to lift us up to higher levels of consciousness, help us to release our pains, and just be there when we want to turn up and have fun! Love your photos by the way.