Black Cat

Unfortunately, I'm not speaking of Janet Jackson's fierce "Black Cat" track, instead I'm talking about my favorite time of year that is coming around again....fall.  The weather is starting to cool which means boots and hats can come out to play like a playful kitten once more as they pounce on the crispy, ever changing leaves that line the walkways of sidewalks and streets. October has this funny way of making black and darker colors a staple in the wardrobe.  Perhaps it's the witches and ghouls of Halloween that inspires the "dark side" of fashion to grace the ads of magazines.  Black to me is the color of mystery and elegance.  Like the mysteries and superstitious tales of the black cat, a person can blend in or stand out in all black. Pops of colors and patterns can shine when wearing black.  Want to show off a statement necklace or ring? Wear black. Nothing to wear? Black is the "go to" color that most are drawn to because it goes with practically anything yet makes one look effortlessly polished.  Who doesn't want that?  Black, what a puuuuurfect color....meow!


  1. What a fun outfit! It could easily be turned into a very elegant cat costume. I totally agree though, this is definitely the time of year when my black pieces come out of the closet!

  2. fab look