• Angela Jadyn

At Home Feels

My Breaking Point.

The beginning of this quarantine I was a much happier person. I was eating healthy and going to yoga and dance classes on the regular. I reached my breaking point earlier this week. I am over being stuck at home and not being able to decompress with my normal activities to seek balance and solitude. I'm tired of the virtual classes and relying on live streams and youtube. I've been working from home for the past two years and I already know what it feels like to be isolated and not have that social work life for quite some time now. Being an extrovert, it was tough getting used to being home working all day by myself. I've learned to manage by taking yoga and dance classes or even grabbing lunch/dinner with a friend during the week. I've learned to use face time more often and pick up the phone to call a friend to chat to stay sane long before this quarantine. I must admit I have lasted awhile feeling somewhat "ok" until this week. It all finally hit me that I miss taking classes outside of my home. I miss going to the hair salon and getting my hair done or getting a massage. Most of all, I miss hugs from people. Humans need contact. We are social creatures. I'm sad that my favorite arts and music festival is cancelled this year along with a lot of other things. It's crazy to think that at the beginning of this year, I truly felt this is going to be a great year....it was...and then...well...Covid (insert rolling eyes emoji here). Perhaps I'll feel a little better after I see my hairstylist in the upcoming week. One thing that has not changed for me is how much I enjoy athleisure wear. I love Calvin Klein bralettes for relaxing at home. You can get them on Amazon.

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