• Angela Jadyn

Bond with Olaplex

Hair Perfector and Bonding Oil

If you need something to go right in 2020, Olaplex Hair Perfector will do the trick. Olaplex is my absolute favorite hair care line that is trending as it does what it says it will do...bond, strengthen, and rebuild. If you haven’t tried it I highly suggest it. The entire line works wonders for color treated and damaged hair and is also great for all hair types. I color and bleach my hair on top of heat styling so this product is the holy grail for saving my hair while keeping it strong. My favorites are the No.3 treatment in which I leave on for an hour on damp hair before a regular shampoo and condition. I do this for an hour before I shower once or twice a week even though the back of the bottle says 10-15 mins. My hair needs more time drinking in the product so I like to leave it in longer. Second, I use the bonding oil No.7 before blow drying and after any heat styling. I have tried so many different types of hair products and this is on my top 10. 

Olaplex Hair Perfector at Sephora

Olaplex Bonding Oil at Sephora