• Angela Jadyn

Earth Angel

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Boho is The Way to Go While Earthing.

Summer is in full effect with temperatures into the triple digits here in Vegas and boy it is hot out! The park can be unbearable in the middle of the day, but the trick is to take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass. Some call it earthing, but I call it science. By observing my dog after long walks, he enjoys plopping down on the grass and it's his way of keeping his body cool. Instantly my body temperature began to drop and I started to feel somewhat normal after sweating while doing this shoot!

I probably shouldn't have gone to the extreme of laying on the grass because now I have itchy bug bites all over. Sometimes you have to live in the moment and deal with the consequences after!

I've always been a bohemian at heart which is why I enjoy the summers because I get to wear some of my favs out of my closet that I haven't touched all winter long.

The bodysuit is from Zara (my favorite store)

The skirt is an oldie from Express.