• Angela Jadyn

Everyday Style

Sneaking in the Sneakers to Find Comfort.

2020 has been the craziest year so far and sneakers has made it to the top of my list as my everyday staple. This has been the year to find comfort in the uncomfortable! Throwing on a pair of heels hasn't been much of an option as going out has been significantly minimized. Boots no longer allows me to feel safe especially when having to think of fighting the crowds at the grocery store over toilet paper or water! Sandals make me feel vulnerable and exposed for the most part and the thought of a virus of any kind being picked up by my bare feet grosses me out! Looking cute isn't necessarily essential this year. Feeling safe in comfort such as wearing a pair of sneakers is more ideal for me during this hard knock life.

I believe we are all feeling on edge with how this year is panning out. I know I am. I am in a fight or flight response and lately that is reflected in my style. During quarantine, I ended up buying sneakers like I bought any other essential item. I like the feeling of knowing that I can run if I have to or walk fast without worrying about any hiccups along the way. Wearing sneakers was only for working out or walking the dog when it came to my style before all the monstrosities. Since I am petite I loved wearing boots with a slight heel for added height. Nowadays, I don't feel right if I chose to wear any other type of shoe...at least for now.

I love the look of a crisp white sneaker against an all black outfit. Linked are the Adidas shell toes pictured above. The handbag is by one of my favorite handbag designers Rebecca Minkoff.