• Angela Jadyn

Grown Alchemist

Hand Cream I Am Currently Loving.

The one part of my body that I've been neglecting and starting to see the age factor would be my hands. I wash my hands a lot and live in a dry climate so moisturizing is a must. Now with covid going around, I am more OCD than I was with washing my hands and sanitizing which leads to more dryness. Putting on hand cream as often as possible is something I try to be diligent about lately. This hand cream by Grown Alchemist is part of the non-toxic, Australian skincare line and isn't greasy (meaning I can still open a door after putting it on, lol). Using regular lotion or body creams are too slippery if I try using them on my hands so this gives that perfect moisture. At night before bed I like to layer it with jojoba oil to give my hands the extra lovin they deserve! The smell is also nice as it is a vanilla and orange peel scent.

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