• Angela Jadyn

Hell Freezes Over

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

A Cold Winter Desert.

Snow covered the entire city of Las Vegas last week and it was a sight to see! I was sitting on my couch watching Deadpool 2 as I became distracted by what was going on between the blinds of the window.  I then looked to another window to see that it was snowing! I ran outside and It was probably one of the only times I ever really saw my neighbors or even heard them say anything. They were just as excited to see the snow float down from the night sky as I was.  The following morning, snow actually stuck a little on the roofs of houses, cars and some parts of the ground. It was truly a sight to see a desert that is usually brown and tan all covered in white. These pictures were taken just fifteen minutes into the mountains towards Red Rock from me. These parts of the mountains usually don't get any snow so I decided to check it out. This has got to be one of the coldest winters I have ever experienced in Vegas.

While it appeared magical outside, hell was literally freezing me from the inside. Arthritis is a bitch and my goal is to make it my bitch. I’ve been on medicine for almost three weeks now and I’ve been reading that it could take up to three months for it to work! Day in and day out, it’s constant pain in my hands. I can barely bend my left pointer finger it hurts so bad. I’ve taken ibuprofen for it and it barely helps. I’ve been cleaning up my diet as well to balance out the toxic crap that I have to take to put this into remission. On top of it all, I’ve had an obnoxious twitch in my left eye that won’t seem to go away! It’s been over a month now and I am in the process of getting an eye appointment scheduled. It has to be my nerves stressed out and fatigued from dealing with the pain for so long. I take magnesium daily and extra B vitamins in hopes that it will calm the F down but we’ll see. So far my body isn’t cooperating like it usually has in the past.

This quick little drive up to Calico Basin shortly after all the snow had fallen was a nice treat. It was gorgeous to see the mountains that aren’t usually covered in snow actually covered in snow! I fought through the pain in my hands and sucked it up. For a moment, I was so cold my hands went numb to where I couldn't feel anything and all I could do was clench my teeth and smile.  It’s crazy how I look at myself in these pics and it may appear that I am happy when really, deep down, I can only hope for more distractions like snow to keep me out of my misery.

It's nice to bust out my thicker winter coat that I got from H&M and my pom beanie from Topshop for a change. I finished the look off with some Adidas flashback sneakers and Lululemon pants. I probably would have been more comfortable in my snowboarding jacket and other snow attire, but it ain't like it snows often here so I decided to go with something else. Yup! That's right. I said "ain't!"