• Angela Jadyn

Masking It

Updated: May 11, 2020

Make it Fashion.

This is no fashion trend by any means covering up one's face with a mask. Long before it was highly recommended, I always felt it somewhat necessary when traveling on an airplane because the same air gets recirculated throughout the cabin. Who wants to breathe the same air for hours on end let alone other people's air? Earlier in January, when most of the world was somewhat enjoying freedom, I actually went to the pharmacy to get those disposable masks only because I knew I would be traveling outside the country. My intuition felt like I should cover my mouth and nose on those flights because it was after all flu season.

Here we are fast forward to May and masks are highly recommended when out in public places. I personally choose to wear a mask when in a grocery store or any place that isn't outside or out in the open. I feel it should be mandatory only because you never know who is asymptomatic with this virus or carrying it and then who knows it gets passed along. Honestly, I feel it's just out of respect at this point that a mask should be worn. People who aren't wearing masks I feel are the ones holding their middle finger up to your face saying "I don't care if you get sick or if I pass this along and kill you or your family." Think about it.

Living in Vegas, I'm not sure how the hotels and casinos are going to handle this once they decide to open especially with people who blow smoke from cigarettes etc. In my personal opinion, they should do away with the smoking inside these hotels and casinos anyway. Again that is my opinion and just like anybody else, I am entitled to my own opinions.

I get it, it's getting hot, and it's not fun to breathe in masks all the time, however it is better to be safe than sorry! There's so many fun and chic options when it comes to masks so why not wear one you like and make it fashionable. I personally like to stick to monochrome colors.

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