• Angela Jadyn

Masking It With Lace

A Stylish & Sexy Mask

This mask is made by a local designer named Debbie Carroll right here in Las Vegas and is 'the sexy high heels of masks' that gets whipped out when you want to let your inner fierceness come out! When I was at brunch a few weeks ago, I saw this on someone and had to ask where she got it from. I’ve been looking for a stylish lace mask for special outings...not that I've been going out much lately! This can be worn with your hot date night outfit, a girls night out, or if you want to pair it with lounge wear to feel like you just didn't roll out of bed then this is a fun option. I feel like my eye makeup better be on point if I choose to wear this mask because this mask will definitely draw attention to the face. This takes the win for a special occasion mask to add to the collection. It's not a mask that I would wear often, but it's for those times when I would want to feel more dressed up for an occasion. It comes in two colors, black and white. Since black is my happy color, I went with black.

Designer Masks by Debbie Carroll