• Angela Jadyn

Moon Sparkle

A Gift From Out of This World.

Christmas came and went and now NYE is already around the corner. I usually don't ever rant and rave about gifts and such, but this necklace has got to be the coolest gift I've ever received! I'm a hippie at heart and collector of crystals, but just when I think I have them all, I get genuine moon meteorite dust (meaning it was once part of the moon) in a pendant! It even came with a certificate of authenticity. The sample came from a meteorite found in Morocco called Northwest Africa 5000.

Lunar Meteorites are extremely rare, much rarer than gold or diamonds. In fact, only about 200 have been found; and none have been found in North America. The vast majority of lunar meteorites belong to educational institutions, very few are available to the public. The price of lunar meteorites easily exceeds 1000 USD a gram.

Here is a link to learn more about Northwest Africa 5000 http://meteorites.wustl.edu/lunar/stones/nwa5000.htm

It's nice to end this decade knowing I got a piece of the moon since all of my other crystals and stones are from Earth. I had no idea anything out of this world like this existed and made into jewelry! A little bit of moon sparkle is all I need to keep even the darkest of nights bright and shining! With that said, I hope you all are continuing to enjoy the holiday season and have a Happy New Year!