• Angela Jadyn


A Moment in Time.

Over the past six months, so many things have happened to the people around me I felt like there was a crazy shift in energy going on. All the things I believed seemed to go right out the door! I won't get into it much on here, but so many bad things kept happening. There were lots of layers being unraveled and tears being shed. I must say it has been one of the heaviest time on some of the closest people that I care about. Some of that heavy energy was starting to rub off on me. Once 2020 came around, I made sure to enjoy life a little.

I took a trip to California to record a song I had written at the beginning of this year and decided to make a trip out of it to visit some of my favorite places and see one of my favorite humans, my best friend Johaira. Like me, Johaira is a free spirit and will find the positive in every situation. While keeping me grounded, she reminds me to see beauty everywhere, in everyone, and in everything.

It's hard to believe the state that the world is currently in with this pandemic. Reflecting back, it's the simple moments like these that matter the most....

Flowers on a tree at my favorite meditation garden on Sunset Blvd

I love climbing to the highest parts while looking down on everything since I'm small and am always looking up

The simple things...

Sweet Laurel Bakery

Even on the cloudiest of days and shook by earthquakes of the past, these palm trees have stood strong and tall xx