• Angela Jadyn

Self Care: Scent

Keeping Calm in the Eye of the Storm

This essential oil from Sacred Botanicals is from Cost Plus World Market that I found right before things started to shut down. It has notes of frankincense and lavender.  I dab some on my pulse points before I go to sleep or before I meditate simply because I need something to keep me relaxed through the madness of this new way of life.

With all this news lately, I wake up everyday and think “Am I dreaming?" Instead of going down a rabbit hole of endless social chatter on my phone, I choose to meditate first thing to get my inner world balanced for the day. It’s nice to have the mind clear before starting the day because so much will go into feeding the mind non stop with all the sensory overload. It’s never ending. Meditating has always helped me to reclaim my power. It takes a lot of discipline to sit, breathe, and think of absolutely nothing, but once you reach that calm state, go within for awhile, and focus on the breath everything always seems to fall into place for the rest of the day. At least for me does. It establishes a rhythm, and the day seems to go a lot smoother. Notice when you wake up rushing, the rest of the day seems to go into this frenzy. When you sit quietly for yourself even for 5-10 mins each morning it makes a difference. Sometimes it takes a few stretches of movement for the body in order to get myself to sit still in meditation. There's no correct order. I do what feels good and feels right. 

The reason why we are going a little nutty is because we forget the most simplest thing in life and that is to BREATHE! I love yoga because through breath it taught me to connect with movement so that everything aligns and synchronizes. Mind, body, and spirit. Yoga for me has always been like pushing the reset button. It's funny how sometimes we have to take classes on how to breathe correctly because none of us really know how to breathe properly. If you control the breath, you control your mind. The past 3 years or so, I fell in love with Kundalini yoga. The yoga of awareness. It is very different unlike any other type of yoga, but the teachings work and it goes deep from the inside out. There's exercises that stimulate the lymph nodes, the glandular system or digestive system etc. There's so many pulse points you get to know that help with certain ailments similar to acupuncture. It teaches on how to redirect energy flow. I won’t get into the benefits of it here, but if you get a chance to google the benefits of Kundalini yoga with all the free time you have these days, do it. There are some online classes, but if you try it for the first time I suggest taking it in person. Sometimes we have to do something we never would have imagined ourselves doing to achieve results we've been in search of. Kundalini applies to that, but for now I digress. 

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