• Angela Jadyn

Styling a Coffee Table

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

The War of Art.

Ever wondered how designers get that clean look on a coffee table? Just like anything, there is an art to it. Grouping objects together is one way. I used a tray to keep it clean and organized especially if you enjoy accessories as much as I do. Candles, books, and accessories that showcase your personality are a few of the things that can be put on a coffee table.

I think it's funny that it is actually called a coffee table because I've never sat my coffee on top of it before! Initially, a coffee table was used to encourage light conversation and was brought about sometime in the Victorian era (some interesting facts for ya!).

Anyhow, currently on my coffee table is a book by Steven Pressfield entitled The War of Art. It talks about winning over your inner creative battles. I have my fair share of battles from within and this book is a slap in the face for me which is why I am starting this blog again. I say again, because I started one about 5 years ago before it became a thing for people to do and really take seriously.

Here I am again, doing me with my own take of style and it feels good.