• Angela Jadyn

Sun Rays on a Winter Day

A New Year.

In a blink of an eye, the holidays came and went and a new year has already begun. A part of me gets post holiday blues because I enjoy spending time with family and doing activities with friends. I feel as if the holidays especially flew by fast due to a wedding I was in that fell on the weekend before Christmas. I loved being able to see my friend happy on her wedding day because she has been through a lot. However, as soon as I got back it was bam (Christmas Eve) then bam again (Christmas)! Christmas day was nuts and filled with family outings and get togethers. New Year's Eve was spent with friends that made me laugh until I cried (insert exhausted emoji here)! It was an awesome holiday season I must say! I don't regret doing a lot, in fact, I'm used to staying busy and on the move and that may be why I'm a little sad only because I get stir crazy when my calendar isn't filled. I enjoy being busy and socializing, but this first month I owe it to myself to replenish some of that energy that I expelled during the holidays.

Moving forward, I am not one to make a bunch of silly resolutions only for them to get broken. Instead, I am a firm believer in being in touch with my body and doing an overall scan as to how I am feeling and what needs more work. Balance for me is key. I know lately my body requires a little more sleep, moderate exercise and incorporating healthier food choices into my lifestyle without depriving myself completely of anything. Meditation and yoga were on the back burner a little during the holidays, but I know it's time to get back into it because overall it makes me feel happy and balanced.

My goal this year is to stay balanced and do the things that make me feel warm and fuzzy like the sun rays on a winter day.