• Angela Jadyn

The Dress + Sneaker Look

How to Look Chic Not Frumpy.

Who says just because you’re wearing a dress means that you must finish the look off with heels?! I get it. Wearing a dress to a specific event or a night out would probably be more appropriate paired with heels if you had to compliment that sexy tight dress or skinny jeans etc.  Heels are obviously a staple in any gal's closet. They should ensure the wearer that they can be trusted to be worn all night and if not, some foldable flats should be waiting in that clutch to finish off the night! Here in Vegas I’ve seen plenty of females walk around the casino floor and streets in bare feet because their feet hurt from the shoes they chose to wear. It’s gross and trust me, you don’t wanna know what kind of crap has been on the ground out here! Yucky. Don’t be that chick.

I’m sure there’s a dress that you once dressed up with heels or a stiletto boot. Perhaps you wanna wear it for daytime, but you have a ton of walking to do and want something that offers more protection than a pair of sandals. In this case, opt for a pair of sneakers to pair with that dress and not just any ol' sneakers. The Nikes that are not very clean that you walk your dog in probably won't look right with a flowy dress. Try to stick with a timeless sneaker such as converse or vans. I’m sure there are plenty of other brands, styles, and options. In other words, the sneaker shouldn't be too clunky. I know there's that chunky sneaker trend going on right now, but honestly, how long is that going to last before it fades? Most of all, the sneaker should look clean when wearing with a dress. After all, you wanna still appear ladylike so use a damp magic eraser to wipe those kicks clean!

Vegas can be an exciting place, but there are normal every day places to visit that are quiet where one can find solitude. Public libraries are available here like any normal city. I say that because there have been times where I’ve been asked what hotel I live in on the strip! No joke. That was long before Airbnb was even a thing of course.

I love to move around a lot so it takes extreme discipline for me to sit down and read at a public place.  However when I get my body exhausted enough, I do enjoy a good read. There are a couple of libraries I enjoy some quiet time at whether it be for studying or reading. This was  at the Paseo Verde library in Henderson and they have a nice quiet reading room that I enjoyed with big beautiful windows to look out of.

Stay tuned for more chic styles that are perfect for springtime! xx