• Angela Jadyn

The Hats We Wear


The work hat, the smile and be nice hat, the girlfriend hat, the daughter hat, the friend hat, the fur mom hat,...all the different hats we wear in a day! I usually look forward to Mondays when I used to work weekends, but now I'm on that Monday - Friday grind like the majority of the U.S population.

I don't mind what I do now because luckily I have some freedom since I mostly work from home. It's a great company, but it can get lonely at times since I work remotely.

I miss the social aspect of having a place to go to for work and have people that you can talk to because they too have to be there. You know, you talk about your dog or that movie you watched or birthday party you have coming up for the weekend, etc. Then I think, well I guess I can work in my pajamas half the time so I guess I'll take working from home and being all by my lonesome self any day!

It is nice, but like every job or career, it's a hat I have to wear in order to survive. My job does not define who I am as a person. In fact, it truly isn't me at all which is why I started to blog again. I started to get stir crazy and needed a creative outlet without having to rely much from anyone. Anyways....

I do love the wide brim hat trend. In fact, I want more! Sometimes, I feel like it's almost too much for Vegas when out and about because it calls for too much attention, but then I think, who cares! People are born to stand out and so am I!

Monday rants.