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Tofu Tees Wish Bracelets

Supporting Local Businesses.

I've always been obsessed with stacking bracelets as long as I can remember and I switch them up from time to time. These cute bracelets are made by a young girl named Kumei here in Las Vegas. While I was browsing local businesses on Instagram, I went down a rabbit hole and discovered all kinds of small businesses here in Las Vegas. Most of the local businesses I found were in the realm of Market in the Alley which is a local downtown arts and crafts type of pop up every month at Fergusons Downtown. Think Etsy. Kumei is part of the Future Makers at Fergusons Downtown and she is only 11. I love how they support young future artists as well as adults from clothing to plants to candles...I found some of the coolest local shops through Market in the Alley. I'm sad that these cute markets are closed during this time so I decided to support any way that I know best. I decided to start with Tofu Tees and buy a bunch of Kumei's bracelets. I asked her to send 20 of them to me and I will give them out to whomever I feel loves bracelets as much as I do and tag her on an Instagram post. These bracelets she says are for wishes and I believe now is the time we can all use a wish. When the bracelet breaks, your wish will come true. I've always been a believer of magic and I love how these bracelets remind me of that childlike innocence that anything is possible.

As you can see, I have a bracelet addiction! They make me happy and I never take them off. Each is from a different place all over the world. I've added Kumei's to my stack and will give away the others to friends.

Kumei sells tees as well as these cute bracelets. Here is her website:

Tofu Tees

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