• Angela Jadyn

Urthin It

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Urth Caffe at the Wynn.

Some of the best things about living in Las Vegas is choosing from the abundant selection of restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. I was excited to try Urth Caffe at the Wynn since I originally tried it in California and thought it was pretty good. It's kind of a long trek to get to inside the Wynn and after getting led down the wrong hall a couple of times, my friend and I finally found our way to it. It is located in the newer wing of shops.

My friend and I went overboard on purpose when it came to ordering our food. I had the spinach and feta omelet, blueberry danish, and Spanish latte. Everything was delicious! My favorite was the blueberry danish because it was super soft!

As for my Rolling Stones tee, it's far from bougie. It was a find from Target in the men's section! Sometimes I feel men's tees look better than women's. In this case, the neck was too high so I cut around the neck to make it slightly more feminine.

Bon Appetit!